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June editorial

June 2011

The editor applauds local Parish Councillors and invite mor details of local events

Hello again,

Well, the Parish Council elections seem to have been negotiated successfully. From the post election minutes received, all our local Councils appear to be virtually up to scratch, unlike poor old Tilney All Saints where not a single applicant was received to become a Parish Councillor . It has been reported that a new date for that particular council election has been agreed and hopefully the village will take back control of parish business from the Borough Council.

It was particularly pleasing to see Stoke Ferry receiving five applications for adoption to the council at the inaugural meeting thus leaving only one vacancy. Well done everybody.

I haven't received any letters from readers this month - the first for some time. Perhaps everyone is wrapped up with planning their holiday arrangements? The public does like to read the views of local residents on any topic, so do please put pen to paper if you have a point of view or a comment on the local community.

Since the local football season finished in April there are no match reports to pass on this month. Hopefully, normal service will be resumed in August. I look forward to hearing from the new Committee. Hopefully, with Norwich City promoted to The Premiership' we may get a surge in interest in all levels of local football.

Our Passionate about Plants series is also absent this month; Paul has been somewhat busy establishing his Scottish business. I have been assured that a new series will start either in July or August.

It was good to hear that The James Bradfield School and The Little Oaks Pre-School participated fully in the Royal Wedding celebrations. The JBS students were each presented with a Commemorative Mug paid for by Stoke Ferry PC, Stoke Ferry Village Hall and the JBS PTA. I'm sure they will be treasured.

Other celebrations took place in Wereham as will be seen for their local village report. If any other villages hosted similar celebrations please do let me know, with photos if possible.

Ray Thompson

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