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The Diary of Emerald Green

May 2011

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Yep, I'm still a champion, ah; It feels good to say that. Got a couple of weeks off, but I'm drowning in homework, it's not fair. On holidays surely us kids are supposed to rest, fill up our brain juice that sort of thing, so we are able to go back to school. But how can we do that when we have to do homework. It's very irritating.

Got some great things planned for this week, going to London with Nick-yes that's the guy I've been talking about since what feels like forever. He's my guy now-just to let you know.

How did that come about you ask? Well I have Anna and Laura to thank for that, as friends go they are the best, but they can never keep their nose out. Basically they mentioned something to Nick about me and we both realised how we felt. He not just my boyfriend he's my best friend you can't get better than that.

Anyway, I'm also going away for the weekend to stay over Anna's dad's house- he lives in Kent. So, yeah, I'm looking forward to it.

Would love to tell you how I'm going out for a run today, but I can't as I'm bogged down with homework, stupid school, ah well, maybe later. Once I've done it all, Wish me luck.

Write soon x

April Lister

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