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Letter to The Editor refarding the propsed incinerator

May 2011

John Preston gives us his view on the proposed incinerator for king's Lynn


My thoughts are that, had NCC taken part in the referendum (they were at pains to call it a poll as a referendum could be legally binding) itself, they would politically have been more bound to the outcome. My guess is that they were anticipating the vote to go against them. The stuff about the PR Company and Cory Wheelerbrator I sent just to show the depth of intent to misrepresent and skew information.

But outside of this "Poll" NCC have been conducting a concerted effort to persuade the public that an Incinerator is desirable even that "There is no alternative". Let us not forget County Councillors and staff patronised the Cory exhibitions whilst KLWN only participated by gate crashing these events to present an alternative view. Unfortunately for NCC and Cory, KLWN were quite successful in talking members of the public round.

Below is a straight copy from KLWN's website regarding information published by NCC in local media and in their magazines and leaflets that get distributed in every house in Norfolk. KLWN members have challenged this information as false or misleading; they went on to suggest a failure by NCC to retract these statements would undermine any poll undertaken.

The fact remains that the referendum result was extraordinary: 61% turnout; higher than the general election 3 times as high as Council elections; 92% say No, a Majority that Putin would envy.

You're right it was flawed. The campaign was skewed from the outset and I think this has backfired in NCC's faces. They will face a very difficult job to pull this off without casualties. Trouble is it looks like Thetford could be the next target for an incinerator.

Sorry to be a disagreeable sod on this one. I could have written reams for the pump at the risk of being boring and draining my energy.

I went to the Borough Council meeting last Thursday where 200 members of the public crammed into the town hall with another 800 outside. And I got this feeling right now King's Lynn is the most Democratic place in Britain and people were there making sure the councillors do their job

My regards John


On 1st February 8 scientists & engineers wrote to the press asking NCC to retract false & misleading information on incineration. They identify:

Incorrect claim that "emissions are so low they are not measurable";

Incorrect claim that "technology in today's modern energy-from-waste plants stops the formation of dioxins";

Incomplete information on HGV movements;

Exaggeration of public support for incineration - 2008 consultation shows just 29 Norfolk people favoured it, not 5% as claimed;

Highly exaggerated claims about emissions of greenhouse gases from landfill.

The scientists & engineers conclude Norfolk County Council has distributed misleading information to promote incineration.


The scientists' letter follows an earlier request for NCC to retract false & misleading information. Last year, Richard Burton, an independent environmental consultant wrote to NCC asking for a public retraction. NCC refused. Mr Burton identifies:

NCC data comparing particulate emissions to transport (etc) is misleading. Local emissions will be far higher than out-of-context national comparisons indicate;

The claim that there is "no evidence for a link between the incidence of disease and the current generation of incinerators" is incorrect;

Claims of "strict regulation" are misleading in the context of many accidents and breaches;

Dioxin (& other) emissions are not continuously monitored;

Other alternatives to landfill are viable, and used elsewhere.

This independent consultant concludes Norfolk County Council has distributed misleading information to promote incineration.

Another independent environmental consultant, Simon Hughes, spoke out in the EDP (29/01/11). He explains electricity from the incinerator will not be used in nearby homes (as shown in NCC pamphlets), and states, "Siting such a large emissions source so close to a major population centre will irrefutably increase air pollution in the immediate area and thus reduce the life spans of those who live and work within the area."

On 25th January in the EDP Mike Jackson a Director from NCC presented the 'The Case For' incineration, writing: "The levels of emissions are so low they are not measurable." This statement is blatantly untrue. Modern incinerators do release emissions in quantities that are clearly measurable. Huge numbers of microscopic particulates are released to air, and hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide are emitted. A wide range of other chemicals including arsenic, mercury and dioxins are released, all of which are measurable, and must be measured by law. Emissions are significant.

John C. Preston

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