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May 2011

Our monthly update from Boughton

Chairman's Report. 8.4.2011

This being the last scheduled meeting of this Council I wish to state that it has been a privilege to serve as Chairman for the past four years. I am very grateful for the support I have been afforded by my fellow Councillors. It is worthy of note that the service of Parish Councillors is completely voluntary; there is no reward other than serving the community.

I believe that this Council has more than adequately maintained the fabric of the village, and improved it, also at the same time held the precept to a very low level. Much of our funding has been raised from various social functions in the community, and from very welcome donations.

We have developed good working relations with a number of Borough Council officials and joined the National Association of Local Councils. This has proved to be a very worthy advantage. We have already enjoyed very good advice from them.

A number of Award Plaques have been added to an already impressive display from a community wide input, encompassing the work of a number of village organisations.

Our Cherished Fen has been given far more attention than ever, and thanks to a very active Council Committee and the support of Councillors great strides have been made towards establishing a much more sustainable future. It is essential that this work is continued and current initiatives brought to fruition. My thanks to all involved.

Two Councillors will not be standing for re-election. Pam & Paul have both served this Parish Council over a number of years. Their work and dedication is worthy of note and our thanks. Pam & Paul have both done a considerable amount of work for our village, and I hope they will continue to do so. I would ask you all to recognise this in the traditional manner.

Following the election on May 5th. The council will be seeking the services of a new Clerk . An advert will be placed in the near future asking for interested parties to contact members of this council. We would then hope to pass on the names of interested parties to the new Council.

I will close by thanking my fellow Councillors very much indeed and I wish the post election new Council all the very best of luck.


We have now reached the end of our winter works schedule for 2010/11, leaving the Fen to its wildlife.

The working parties this winter have all been successful thanks to both the weather, which has been much kinder to us than last year, and to the willing helpers.

Our second working party was held on Sunday 20th Feb 2011, when we completed the walkway through the wooded area on Highland Fen. As the trees and undergrowth attempt to take back this area, a good fringe habitat will become available for nightingales and other birds.

Our third and final gathering was on Saturday 12th March 2011, when we controlled the advance of the blackthorn on the southern end of the wooded area on Highland Fen, On this occasion, we welcomed helpers from the Nar Valley Ornithological Society who we hope will now join us on a regular basis (especially if Glynis brings her home made scones and cakes again).

Both NARVOS and Wereham Woodland Group have given help this winter along with our regulars. Thanks to everyone who has been involved.

Lee Roberts, our professional contractor, has now completed his work schedule for this winter, removing scrub mainly in the wetter areas of Highland and Middle fens. The last pile of debris, along with a large heap created by our working parties has been chipped instead of burnt. If you would like some of these chippings for the garden, please contact me. We would welcome a small donation to fen funds if anyone has any chips.

The wildlife seems to be busy down on the fen, with both Roe and Muntjac Deer leaving their tracks. We have had buzzards and Marsh Harriers overhead along with chiff-chaffs calling from the trees. On Saturday I saw my first swallow, so lets look forward to the arrival of cuckoos, nightingales and warblers .

Finally, in January we were told that our Lottery Community Wildlife application was unsuccessful, mainly due to the volume of submissions. However, a few days later, we were asked if we would like our application to be re-submitted under the Awards for All section. We have submitted further information to the Lottery staff, and are hopeful of a successful outcome this time.

We were visited today by Ian Levett of Natural England who was very impressed with our progress so far.

Mark Pogmore

Pam Wakeling

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