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Alternative Translations

May 2011

A slight change of heart from Graham this month; translations rather than definitions

This month, I am diverting from word alternatives to foreign language equivalent meanings, as follows:

AD HOC - Instruction for an alcoholic German Stew

A LA CARTE - On the wagon

APRES SKI - A snack after yoghurt

ANNUS HORRIBILIS - I've got the "runs"

CAVEAT EMPTOR - An uninhabited rock-hollow

POR FAVOR - Not a very good helping hand

SIC TRANSIT GLORIA MUNDI - The van broke down on a lovely Monday

S'IL VOUS PLAiT` - Much better than EPNS

AVANT GARDE - Next to last coach in a train

BELL ePOQUE - Cheap cut of pig meat

BONA FIDE - Good dog

DONNA e MOBILE - Portable kebab stand

DONNER UND BLITZEN - After effects of a kebab

FIN DE SIeCLE - Bicycle fanatic

VIN ORDINAIRE - Ford Transit


Chris Eubank lost his recent comeback fight on points, the main one being that he's a total git.

NICK HANCOCK "They think it's all over" 1995

Graham Forster

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