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Wereham Parish Council

April 2011

Minutes of the Meeting of Wereham parish Council held

on Tuesday 8th March 2011 at 8.00 p.m. in the Village Hall.

Present: P. Markwell - Chairman: D. Pickston, C. Humphries, P. Norris and Mrs. Everitt

Apologies: Mrs. Newell and M/s Norris who sent a letter tendering her resignation.

1. Minutes: The January Minutes were agreed subject to the inclusion of the word 'scale' being inserted after the words "official pay" in the section under Clerks Salary.

2. Matters Arising: The Road Sign at the Cavenham Road / Gibbet Lane junction now has two indication posts missing. The Willow Trees around the Pond have been pollarded and it is agreed that that a letter of thanks be sent to Mr. Baddock for his work in axing through the main thick stems of the Iv. P. Norris asked that in the same letter thanks be expressed to Mr. Baddock for the three quarters of a day he public spiritedly gave up in assisting with the repairs to the Village Hall roof It was suggested that another Willow Tree should be planted to replace the removed tree.

3. Planning Decisions: Ms R. Hobbs & Joanne Dearsley - construction of a pair of semi detached properties in Bens Lane - Refused.

Ms. H. Greenard -. construction of replacement bungalow - Lyndale, Lynn Road -approved.

4. Payments: C.G.M. Ltd. £2640. 00: F.J. Cowieson £747. 50: Norfolk R.C.C. £25. 00 - Proposed C. Humphries and seconded D. Pickston - pass for payment.

5. Correspondence: Norfolk Link: Norfolk Link Extra: Parish Matters: N.C.C. Royal Wedding Street Parties - all noted. Norfolk Village Games - P. Norris volunteered to ensure this information was published in Group 4 which is circulated throughout the Village. N.C.C. MOBILE LIBRARY new times - THE PIT 9.45 and QUEENS CLOSE 16.35. W.N.B.C. pre-application charges for submission of enquiries. N.C.C. Forestry Commission: noted Norfolk Age U.K. request for donation - noted. Mr. & Mrs. G. Mann wrote reference the state of Gibbet Lane due to the fact that heavy lorries travel from Barton Bendish instead of going along the Al 122.

6. Any Other Business: The Double Bend road sign on the Al34 between Barn Corner and the Mill House garage is almost on the ground. Rubbish is strewn along both sides of the B 1160 and the clerk is to contact the Council also Glazewing in the hope that the Company will send an employee to remove same as it is thought it may have fallen from vehicles travelling to their premises. The hedge in Cavenham Road badly needs trimming back to the original posts. There is a large quantity of mud at the verge at the kerb edge around the Pond. The Clerk handed Nomination Papers to all who are preparing to stand again and P. Norris asked for three extra sets as he thought he knew others who wanted to stand for election.

The Chairman announced that he would not be standing for election as he was moving away from the area and he went on to thank the Councillors for their support and cooperation during his time as Chairman. P. Norris wished Paul Markwell well for the future and thanked him for what he had done for the Parish.

Parish Clerk

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