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Stoke Ferry FC - Match reports

April 2011

Reports on last months matches

February Match Reports

Stoke Ferry 5-2 Gressenhall R

February 5, 2011 - Dick Davey Ambulance Cup - 2nd Round

1st Half

With a strong wind, this match was always going to be a game of 2 half's. With Gressenhall also introducing, a few different players from last week, it promised to be a tough encounter. Stoke started the game against the wind, the whole team played well, and played some great football, with many crosses from both wings. Stoke were rewarded with the first goal, a cross/shot by Matt Weeds, was saved well by the Gressenhall keeper but only for it to fall at the feet of Paul, who took his time and calmly found the back of the net. Gressenhall came back into the game and piled on the pressure, Stoke continued to hold a strong with two banks of four, and contained the wind assisted Gressenhall. From a Gressenhall corner the ball broke out, and a shot came in, a routine catch for Jamie the in-form keeper, but with the wind swirling the ball managed to fox Jamie and he was unable to hold it, and the ball went in. 1-1 game on.

Stoke hit back with great wing play again, and again it was Matt Weeds and Paul to link up, with another superb cross from Matt Weeds to be met with an in-coming run from Paul, a great finish. Gressenhall replied with an ambitious effort, only for the wind to loop it over Jamie's head. 2-2 at the break.

2nd Half

With the wind now behind them, the Stoke team felt comfortable of getting goals, and winning the game, however after the first 20 minutes of the second half it was still 2-2. Stoke had a few attempts but none were converted. The deadlock was broken with a great through ball from Matt Willis, to put Matt Weeds in for a simple slot in past the on-coming keeper. Stoke continued to pile on the pressure. When Stoke were awarded a free kick from the right, Matt Bunten stepped up and fired in a great in swinging ball, which was met by Matt Weeds, with a brave header into the Gressenhall Goal. 4-2 and cruising. Subs were brought on. The final goal was scored by Matt Willis who lobbed the on coming keeper from a through ball from Andrew, A great finish.

Man Of the Match : Paul Carr.

Breckland 6-3 Stoke Ferry

February 12, 2011 - CrownFire Central + South Norfolk League, Division 3

1st Half

With a slightly weakened team, Stoke started off ok; however after 10 minutes saw themselves 1-0 behind. The team struggled with the through balls for a rampant Breckland team. With an injury to Andrew, Chris came on, and started to have an affect on the game. Stoke managed to carve a few openings but none were converted, Unfortunately Stoke were 5-0 down at half time.

2nd Half

With a stern team talk from the manager and a new belief, Stoke started well, and after some good possession were rewarded with a goal, it was Matt Weeds, who converted a pass from Paul, with a rebound from his initial strike, to head past the keeper. This started the fight back, and Stoke continued to play some good football, with Chris at the heart of every attack. Paul converted the second goal for Stoke, after a lovely weighted cross from Matt Weeds, and a good flick type finish. A third goal came from Chris, who played a great 1 - 2 with Matt Weeds and finished with style, a well deserved reward on a terrific performance. With Stoke pushing forward Breckland scored at the death with a classic counter attack goal.

Man of the Match: Chris Green

Stoke Ferry 0-5 Narborough R

February 19, 2011 - CrownFire Central + South Norfolk League, Division 3

1st Half

Stoke started well, and for the first 20 minutes were in control, with a few half chances, Narborough came more into the game, and were rewarded with a goal, after a Stoke attack fell down. This trend continued and at half time Stoke found them selves 3-0 down.

2nd Half

Stoke changed formation, and tried to claw back the 3 goals, but as with the first half, were pinned back by a good Narborough team. Stoke had a few more chances, but were unable to score, after a dubious decision on a back pass, Narborough went 4 up.

Stoke were then reduced to 10 men, when Andrew Dey was sent off, with 2 yellows for descent. Stoke battled. But with 10 men Stoke were struggling to contain a now rampant Narborough. Jamie also picked up a caution for a slightly late tackle. Narborough scored again, leaving the score 5-0 at the final whistle.

Man of the Match: Oli Fulcher

North Elmham 6-1 Stoke Ferry

February 26, 2011 - CrownFire Central + South Norfolk League, Division 3

1st Half

With a hard task ahead of them Stoke started well, with a lions share of the play, on a tricky wet muddy playing surface. Stoke had a new look to the team, bringing Paul Carr back to Right back and a well deserved start for Patrick Evans at Left back. Stoke began to pile on a good amount of pressure, and were awarded a corner, from the well taken corner from Matt Willis, Oli managed to flick the ball onto Matt Weeds, who converted from 6 yards out. 1 - 0 up and Stoke were on top. Elmham rose to the challenge and began to claw back the advantage Stoke had, and began to win the challenges and the second ball, they capitalised on their efforts and scored to make the score evan. Elmham had a few more good chances, but didn't manage to convert them, however just before the end of the first half Elmham scored. 2 - 1 at the end of half time.

2nd Half

The task for stoke was exaggerated in the second half when they were made to play up hill, what seemed to be a very slight incline in the first half, turned into a steep climb in the second. Stoke again stared well and knew that the next goal would decide the games fate, Stoke narrowly missed an opportunity to make it 2 - 2, when Neil's headed shot was parried from a certain goal to hit the crossbar. Elmham had other idea's and began to pile on the pressure with some great passing football and counter attacking at pace, they were rewarded for their efforts with a goal. Stoke started to struggle with the onslaught of Elmham, and conceded another 3 goals before the end of the game, however due to Stokes desire to keep battling, they managed to keep many other chances out. Final score 6 - 1.

Man of the Match: Paul Carr

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Neil Sewell

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