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More Alternative Dictionary Definitions

April 2011

Graham offers more alternative definitions for our amusement

CORRELATION Excitement in Coronation Street

PEEWIT Lavatorial humour

CATALYST Cat Rescue's register

HIKING Very tall monarch

KIPPER One who has a nap

SEDIMENT Reinforcement of a previous comment

FREEBIE One released from the hive

SEMANTICS Sailor's high-jinks

PERSEVERE Strong - sounding feline noises

COMMENTATOR King Edward or Desiree

ESPLANADE Attempt to explain whilst drunk

TESTICLE Brief Exam Question

RECTITUDE Behaviour adopted by a proctologist


Geoffrey Boycott is the only man I've met who fell in love with himself at a very young age and has remained faithful ever since.

Denis Lillee, 1997

Graham Forster

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