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Letter to The Editor

April 2011

Janet replies to Peter Bodles letter regarding Stoke Ferry Parish Council

Dear Ray,

Parish Council

It was with great disappointment that I read Mr Bodle's letter in the Pump. Its a shame that he only attended two meetings, ten years ago, because I attend when I can and was even considering standing as a councillor. Of course the village struggles to get councillors, it is an unpaid job, and for the most part a thankless task as Mr Bodle demonstrates. Having read other council reports I see that many are also in the same position and struggle to get a full complement of members, unfortunately I see this as a sign of the times with everyone so busy trying to make ends meet, rather than the council having 'underlying problems'.

I for one would like to congratulate our outgoing council (elections are in May and everyone is eligible to stand) they have always tried hard for Stoke Ferry, of course they don't very often get instant results, sometimes it takes years, but at the end of the day they are, as are we all, in the hands of the Borough Council and Norfolk County Council. What chance do they have when our Borough Council takes a Poll to find out how many people would like an incinerator, get and overwhelming NO, only for Norfolk County Council to decide to go ahead anyway, this is what they are up against.

I for one hope that all the present councillors stand for re-election, along with a few new faces, I shall continue to support them when I can, and I am sure we would all love to see Mr Bodle at the meetings, perhaps with his experience (14 years as a councillor and 12 as chairman) he would consider standing as a councillor, I am sure with his knowledge he could bring a lot to our council.


Janet Stocking

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