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April 2011

A report on the local Pantomime and general news from Boughton

The Pantomime from an alternative view. Back Stage.

From the point of view of the "Thespians" one of the most rewarding aspects is the warmth and encouragement we get from the audiences, this makes all the hard work very worthwhile. Then in addition we make a bit of welcome cash for the participating villages. Good fun, money to help various needs, happy faces - can't be bad on a cold February night.

Work starts in November with the script, which gets changed frequently as people read and edit it. Then it gets changed again as we rehearse, and by the time we walk onto stage is quite different from the first edition, and the one that some of us have in our hands. One very nice bit of feed back from our younger members of the group is that we are terribly old fashioned and in places a bit corny. So they have agreed to edit and modernise us next time. The part where Aladdin calls from under Jasmine's window (Copy right Law ignored). In the modern era they would have texted each other. So we are sure next year they will bring us into the 21st Century

Read through and rehearsals start in December. We do then get some hair loss moments, and quite often end up messing about and giggling. By the time we break for Christmas it is starting to take shape. Then after the festivities when Tom & Sandy are better able to start the songs and music it starts to flow a bit. But it often feels, and is sometimes said; we will not make it unless we start to focus better. But then it always has come together, and we are sure always will.

The young people that are part of our little group are a delight to work with and bring much to our performances, we really do hope that their enthusiasm will be sustained and they continue to enjoy it.

The three village halls that we performed in this year were super, we had a great deal of help setting up the stage and curtains and we are very grateful to all those that make and serve the refreshments, and organise the raffles.

We have a fantastic little group of people, that work very well together, get on well together and laugh together. Everyone has an input as to how the show develops and is able bring their own ideas onto the stage.

The total profit this year was £ 2088, giving each of the four villages £522 each. Thank you very much indeed to all those great people that help in all sorts of ways, and to those that buy tickets.

Looking forward to seeing you next year.

Frank Reid

Boughton Community Project - All Saints Church April 2011 update

We have all been busy over the recent weeks and months preparing for the main works that will be carried out later.

As many of you would have seen the last few pews have been removed, and at the last count, nearly all of them sold, and the floor made good (temporarily). The new chairs can now be laid out in a variety of positions to suit the event or service at the time.

We are very pleased with the chairs, and thank everyone who has so generously sponsored one or more over the last year. If you have wanted to, but not had time to sponsor a chair, there is an ongoing opportunity to do so. £50 will provide sponsorship, but other amounts will be most gratefully received. Please call Paul on 01366 500315.

On the matter of the chairs we are currently procuring the plaques to be placed on the rear of the chairs to celebrate sponsors (who have agreed or requested names to be honoured). Other plaques will record the anonymous donation accordingly.

More recently we have been removing the old and damaged render from the lower part of the walls to allow drying in preparation for the new render in a month or two. Thanks go to Bernie, Steve, Andy and Peter for their hard work. Thanks also to Geoff Proctor for helping us dispose of the old render.

Interestingly we found that the side walls to the nave under the render had been over-laid with old roof peg tiles. We are not sure of the reason why, but it may have been to provide better damp proofing to the walls. Where the tiles came from remains a mystery but they may have been left over from the fire in the late 1800's and re-used. If anyone has any theories we are all ears! You will be able to see the tiles for a few weeks yet as we allow the walls to continue drying out.

Of course before and after the render removal we had to cover and protect the chairs, organ etc. and then do a big clean-up after. Thanks to Tony, Janet, Moira Steve, Peter, Andy and Pam who helped with the covering and with the clean-up. The team was hard at it cleaning washing sweeping hovering and polishing! The church looked a treat afterwards.

Funding for the re-modelling continues apace, please see elsewhere in G4 for an update.

Boughton Community Project Committee

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