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West Dereham Parish Council

March 2011

Minutes of the February Meeting




Present: Mrs Claire Cann - Chairman, Ms A Richardson - Vice-Chairman, Mrs Doreen Berry, Mr Russell Drew, Mr Barry Glover, Mrs Ruth Marsters, Mr Paddy Murfitt plus 3 members of the public

Papers presented to Councillors: Draft allotment agreements, Clerks pension information, Clerks timesheet, expenditure spreadsheet.

1. Apologies for Absence accepted from: Mr Trevor Manley - Borough Councillor

& Mr Richard Rockcliffe - County Councillor

2. No Declarations of Interest made

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 02/12/10 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters arising from previous meetings

* It was noted that another footpath sign appears to be missing from the start of the footpath opposite Watering Cottages. This will be reported to the Rights of Way Officer.

5. Reports:

5.1 Chairman's Report:

Police Surgeries

A letter had been sent to the Chief Constable complaining that only one Police Surgery has been held in West Dereham in the past eight months. The response received from Inspector Bates at Downham Market read

".........in the light of ever increasing demands and with the prospect of reduction in staff numbers in the medium term ................. I have come to the conclusion that we can no longer achieve the aim of having a surgery in each village. We .............. propose instead .............. to group a number of parishes together and run "group surgeries", visiting each village in turn, on a rota basis."

One date has now been set for a surgery to take place in West Dereham on September 28th 2011.

The Police have been made aware of anti-social behaviour occurring in Station Road. Motorbikes being driven up and down Station Road without a specific purpose particularly during unsocial hours and being illegally ridden on footpaths and bridlepaths are a nuisance. It was reiterated that people need to report all such incidents to the Police by phoning 0845 456 45467.

Support for RAF Marham

A letter from the Parish Council supporting the retention of RAF Marham has been forwarded to Air Command Headquarters. The response from Mr. Paul Webb, RAF Business Secretariat 7, states:

The future surrounding bases deemed to be no longer required by the RAF will raise concerns with those serving in, or associated with the Services and in the wider community as a whole. I can assure you that we are all well aware of the strong support for the RAF in the surrounding community and the strong role the RAF plays in the area and its economy.

However, these are important matters and it is vital we make the correct decisions to ensure that the UK develops the sustainable forces it will require for the future. It will take time to undertake the detailed analysis required and it is therefore unlikely that any decisions on Tornado basing will be taken before next spring at the earliest. As and when it proves necessary, we will of course work with all relevant agencies and the local communities to manage the impact of our decisions.

Parish Demographics

Figures taken from information from 2007 provided by the Office for National Statistics and concerning age groups within West Dereham will be passed to villagers in the monthly leaflet drop.

5.2 Clerk's Report:

* The following work was undertaken by the Highway Rangers when they visited West Dereham on 20/12/10:

Offlets along Church Road were rodded.

Signs along Church Road were cleaned

The carriageway was swept at the Ryston Road/Church Road junction.

A pot hole was filled along Lime Kiln Road.

The continuing problem with drainage along Basil Road has again been reported to Highways.

o The Clerk attended a planning information session organised by the Borough Council. The Localism Bill was discussed and copies of the slides from the presentation will be passed to Councillors. It was noted that Parish Councils should be prepared to make comments known when the Site Specific Allocations for the emerging Local Development Framework are published.

5.3 Village Hall Report:

* A full application for the Reaching Communities Lottery funding has been invited. This would be for the second phase of work at the hall.

* Work is now proceeding well at the Village Hall and the Village Hall Committee is very pleased with the progress. The builder will meet with the Committee in the next week to discuss items not yet agreed.

* The Hall Committee has also made a grant application to The Geoffrey Watling Charity. No decision will be heard until March.

* Promised local donations towards refurbishment of the hall presently amount to £4000 plus help in kind. Monies will be used to equip the hall. Acknowledgement of these sponsors will be displayed on the premises when work at the hall is complete.

5.4 Broadband Update:

No site for the broadband mast in the village has yet been finalised. It was agreed that in the event of no other suitable site being found the Parish Council will offer use of land at the Village Hall.

5.5 Glazewing Report:

Copies of the Glazewing Reports for January and February were given to those attending the meeting. Glazewing's report raises concern about a car parked on Station Road which causes their business vehicles to manoeuvre around it causing "excessive road fatigue resulting in bulges and potholes". The Chairman stated that Station Road does not have double yellow lines and that the tiny "Smart" car shown in Glazewing's photographs was parked legally outside its owners residence. The Chairman said that excessive road fatigue was caused by 45 tonne plus commercial vehicles travelling to and from Glazewing's site along a residential country lane and not by villagers domestic vehicles.

Glazewing also raised concerns regarding children running into the road. The Chairman said that the Parish Council had already leafleted every household in the parish with regard to overseeing the safety of their children; Glazewing should report all such incidents to the Police. Residents feel Station Road needs to be made safer for pedestrians as it is dangerous even to load young children into a car parked on the roadside outside people's homes.

5.6 Norfolk County Council 'Big Conversation' feedback:

No feedback from the 'Big Conversation' consultation has yet been received by the Parish Council from Norfolk County Council.

6. Accounts

Financial position update:

The Parish Council bank balance on stood at £8447.65 on January 19th 2011.

6.1 Payments agreed in accordance with the budget:

Clerk's salary (December/Jan) £232.75

Anglianwater (Cemetery) £10.54

Village Hall grant £750.00

Roadside hedge cutting at the allotments will be undertaken by the current grounds maintenance contractors as agreed at a cost of £73.00.

6.2 Clerk's pension

Clause 19 of the Clerk's contract states that the Clerk is entitled to join the Local Government Pension Scheme. Councillors had previously been presented with information relating to the pension scheme and it was agreed the Parish Council will contribute to the Pension Scheme.

7. Review of allotment agreements:

Copies of a suggested new agreement for the allotments, based on the National Association of Local Councils model agreement, had previously been presented to Councillors. Comments were received from the Allotment Liaison Officer and following discussion agreed amendments will be made to the model agreement before it is confirmed at the March Parish Council meeting.

8. Preparation for 2011 Parish Council elections

The Chairman has attended a seminar relating to the election process and a timetable of dates leading up to the election has been obtained from the Borough Council. Efforts will be made to encourage villagers to participate in the election and information will be made available to all those interested in standing for election to become a Parish Councillor.

The Borough Council has decreed that West Dereham's polling station will be at Crimplesham Village Hall because West Dereham's Village Hall is being rebuilt. The Parish Council has expressed concern about West Dereham voters without transport being able to travel to Crimplesham to vote. The Parish Council will be asking villagers to let the Parish Council Clerk know if they require a lift to the polling station if they have been unable to organise a postal vote.

The Clerk is also booked to attend election process training in February.

9. Correspondence:

9.1 Norfolk Link etc.

9.2 The Royal British Legion "Great Poppy Party Weekend". It was agreed not to pursue this as it is intended to re-establish the lapsed West Dereham Branch of the British Legion with a possible lunch party at the new Village Hall on Remembrance Sunday.

9.3 BCKLWN Council meeting agenda

9.4 Letter from Derrick Murphy, Leader of Norfolk County Council, regarding the government consultation to reform ownership and management of government owned forests.

10. No Planning applications received for consideration.

11 Further Reports / items suggested for the next agenda

11.1 Proposed incinerator at Saddlebow, King's Lynn.


* The meeting arranged by Elizabeth Truss MP with Glazewing representatives, West Dereham Parish Council, Norfolk County Council planners, Highways and representation for the Traffic Commissioner scheduled for January 14th was cancelled by Glazewing. A date has now been set for April 1st.

* It was reported that household rubbish has been fly tipped in the ditch opposite The Bungalow, Station Road. This will be reported to the Borough Council.

* Highways will be informed that the road sign by the Old School has had paint sprayed over the lettering.

* It was reported that the ditch by the telephone box in Station Road is full of water. Comment was made that drainage of water would be helped if this drain were cleared. There are also overgrown hedges in this area and other drains where water is not flowing.

* It was reported that the mobile library service while having only one stop in West Dereham is being retained in the village.

* A query was raised as to whether food waste is accepted at the Glazewing Station Road site.

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Parish Clerk

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