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The Diary of Emerald Green

March 2011

Emerald waits for ger exam results

So, I haven't got the results from the Geography exam back yet, but I think I did okay and the revision paid off. The unlucky thing is that this month I have another exam for PE B-tec, but this time it's a mock, for next year when I do the real thing. It is about the mental side of exercise, about how it affects your mood, etc. I don't want to bore you by talking about exams, I am just so swamped by all the exam stuff, that I don't get time for much else.

However, I do have something interesting to tell you, me and Nick, have been getting rather close lately. My friends Anna and Laura keep telling me how we should get together. Nick doesn't hear any of it though. He is such a nice guy, not idiotic like other guys my age. We have a really close friendship and I'm scared that when, I mean if, we got together it would ruin that friendship.

Anna and Laura, I think I've talked to you about them before; they are the girls that I didn't really know that well. Now I know them very well and we are best friends. I may seem quick to call them that, but they are just so amazing and we have such a laugh together. I think now I have realised the true meaning of friendship. It isn't to try and change you into to something you're not it is to accept you for what you are.

Now, opposite to what you may predict I am off, not to run, well maybe later but this time, I'm going over Laura's for a sleepover.

Write Soon x

April Lister

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