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More Alternative Dictionary Definitions

March 2011

More odd definitions for your amusement

DEPEND One end of the swimming pool

PROSTRATE Professional's manner of doing something

GRANDIOSE A thousand noughts

DIGITAL All fingers and thumbs

LEAPFROG French long jumper

MAKE LOVE Get a "duck"

STIGMA Top gear racing driver's mother

BELL-BOTTOMS Beauty queens' backsides

INHABIT Dressed as a monk

GEARBOX Travelling trunk


FREEBIES Bees that escape the hive

KOOKABURRA In Australia, a town where cooking equipment is made

MISSILE In supermarkets, where ladies requirements are sold

GENTILE In supermarkets, where men's requirements are sold

(The last two courtesy of the "I'm sorry, I haven't a clue" team)

This month's Sporting Quotation

I've always said that there is a place for the press, but they haven't dug it yet!

Tommy Docherty 1980

Graham Forster

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