War Memorial Gary Trouton

WW11 Relics - Stoke Ferry.

February 2011

Stoke Ferry Parish Council asks if anyone can shed light on the Spigot Mortar mountins along the riverbank

It has been brought to the notice of Stoke Ferry Parish Council of the existence of two structures deemed to be "spigot mortar (gun) mountings" (on good authority) at The Moorings in Stoke Ferry. They can be described as a 3ft. diameter, convex, concrete plate,

surmounted by a 4inch high, 1 1/2inch diameter stainless steel spigot.

On the face of it, they would have been there since the early days of WW11 (1939/40), possibly installed by the local Home Guard or, what we now know to be "The Secret Army" when invasion was a realistic possibility.

If anyone can shed any light on the history of these structures I would be most grateful if you would contact me on 01366 502147.

Michael Precey,

Stoke Ferry Parish Councillor,

Michaeil Precey

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