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West Dereham Parish Council

February 2011



Present: Mrs Claire Cann - Chairman, Ms A Richardson - Vice-Chairman, Mr Russell Drew, Mrs Ruth Marsters, Mr Paddy Murfitt.

Ms Fiona Walker - Personal Assistant to Elizabeth Truss MP

Mr Richard Rockcliffe - County Councillor

8 members of the public

Glazewing meeting 19:00 - 19:30

Present: Mr Nigel Manning and Mr Paul Haycroft, in addition to those listed above.

Mr Manning, Managing Director of Glazewing and Mr Paul Haycroft, Financial Director of Glazewing attended the meeting to represent the firm at the pre-Parish Council meeting. Directors of Glazewing have agreed to attend Parish Council meetings bi-annually. Due to the atrocious weather conditions John and Simon Miles were unable to attend and apologies were given.

Mr Manning stated that Glazewing had not received any complaints from residents of West Dereham during the past month. He confirmed that the state of the business is much the same as when Glazewing took over the waste disposal site at West Dereham but if anything trade has dropped. In 2008, 80000 tonnes of steel was processed at West Dereham compared to 52000 in the past year. The number of Glazewing vehicles operating from the site has also fallen from 30 to 24 but the number of staff remains much the same.

It was noted that Glazewing do not monitor the total number of vehicles going to and from the site but information can be obtained of Glazewing vehicles leaving the site. The speed of Glazewing vehicles can be monitored by the Transport Manager but the company has no control over contractors and others who use the site. Glazewing can only ask others to drive with due care and consideration.

Mr Manning said the company wants to expand their business but not at West Dereham.

Concern was raised by members of the public regarding large lorries travelling along Station Road when it is icy and how frightening this can be. Both Glazewing and the Parish Council will make enquiries regarding whether Station Road can be gritted.

A request was made that the suggested 20mph speed restriction should be extended. Mr Manning agreed to pass this to drivers at the Glazewing staff meeting to be held on December 21st. It was noted by members of the public that Glazewing drivers do seem friendlier than a year ago but it was also reported that drivers have been seen using mobile phones while driving. This should be reported to Glazewing as it classed as gross misconduct.

Before the meeting a question had been submitted regarding the promised screening of the skips stored by the river. Glazewing is looking into this and landscapers are investigating how the eyesore of the skips can be mitigated. Screening has been promised and Glazewing will consult with the Parish Council on proposals.

Fiona Walker reported that Elizabeth Truss MP is keen to assist with matters relating to Glazewing and she has organised a meeting to be held in January 2011 to gather all relevant parties together to try to identify how progress can be made to mitigate the effects Glazewing has on West Dereham. The meeting is to discuss general problems and the possibility of a new access road to the Station Road site. It is apparently proving very difficult to consider the provision of a new road at present as landowners are reluctant to sell land and, Glazewing feel the practicalities and economics are not conducive to this option.

1. Apologies for Absence accepted from:

Mrs Doreen Berry

Mr Barry Glover

Mr Trevor Manley - Borough Councillor

PCSO Sara Green

2. No Declarations of Interest made

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 04/11/10 were agreed as a true record. Ms A Richardson suggested it should be noted that Glazewing has cleared accumulated rubbish from Station Road and the company should be thanked.

4. Matters arising from previous meetings

4.1 Broadband update

Correspondence has been received from Andy Ambridge since his attendance at the Parish Council meeting in November:

Norfolk County Council is piloting a project to bring Broadband to West Dereham from an existing nearby Council owned service in Hilgay.

BT has surveyed the area around West Dereham and Hilgay and it has been determined that to achieve a wireless signal between the two sites, a 15m mast is required at Hilgay School and a 20m mast at West Dereham. Local approval is required for the West Dereham mast and a decision will need to be reached regarding location. Residents have been informed of this via the monthly village flyer and a local landowner has been approached regarding location of the mast. Mr P Murfitt has had positive dialogue with a representative of Shropshire Farms regarding the suggested position of the mast. It will be necessary to seek planning permission for the mast and a power supply will be needed. The mast is made of white painted steel and will look like a tall flagpole. Four transmitters will be mounted on the mast to provide 360o Broadband coverage. For households to receive the signal a small receiver (30cm x 10cm) must be installed on properties.

It is hoped that the potential range of the service could be as far as 8km from the mast, but testing this limit and the speeds achievable is the purpose of the pilot project. The Parish Council has received interest from fifteen residents so far who would be willing to take part in the pilot project.

4.2 Police Surgeries Update

No further dates for Police Surgeries to be held in West Dereham have been made and a letter regarding the lack of surgeries has been sent to the Chief Constable.

4.3 Report of Highways Rangers visit

Due to adverse weather conditions the Highway Rangers may not have visited the Parish as planned. The Rangers had been asked to look at blocked drains along Basil Road and to resurrect the footpath board along Station Road. The Clerk will check if the visit took place.

4.4 It was agreed to move item 7 to this point of the agenda as Fiona Walker had offered to give an update regarding representations in support of maintaining RAF Marham as operational. A delegation supporting RAF Marham comprised of MP's, business leaders and the local press has been to Westminster to present a petition which had been signed by 37000 people. Liam Fox, the Defence Minister, was presented with a letter and a decision on the future of Marham is expected in the New Year.

It was agreed the Parish Council should write a letter to the Secretary of State in support of RAF Marham.

5. Reports:

5.1 Chairman's Report:

* The Parish Council has obtained demographics of the parish which should be valuable for future planning.

5.2 Clerk's Report:

* Mr. Paddy Murfitt has photographed the locations where footpath finger posts are missing. This information will be passed to the Rights of Way Officer to request replacement of the signs.

5.3 Village Hall Report:

* The Village Hall Committee has been advised to cancel the application to the Lottery and re-submit a pre-application for the second phase of the works to the extension as the Lottery will not fund any works retrospectively. It is hoped a full application will be invited.

* The Village Hall is now registered with the Charity Commission and a grant application has been made to the Geoffrey Watling Charity.

* The Village Hall Committee has received donations for the old chairs, tables, crockery and cutlery from the Hall.

* The Village Hall is closed at present as building renovation and extension work will begin once the inclemental weather has passed.

* It is hoped funding can be obtained to enable the car park area to become an amenity area and three grants to assist with this are being considered.

* Local companies have been approached for assistance with the hall extension project. So far £1000 has been received from Glazewing, Frimstone have promised assistance and Country Grounds Maintenance is to help with landscaping of the amenity area.

6. Response to Minerals and Waste Development Policies Development Plan Document.

As a response was submitted to the previous document it was deemed unnecessary to respond again as all initial comments remain relevant.

7. Consideration was given to representation regarding RAF Marham as noted in item 4.4.

8. Norfolk County Council spending cuts

Norfolk County Council is asking whether Local Councils want to take on some highway and Public Right of Way services. The County Council is facing a future with far fewer resources to spend on services and is thus looking to others to support communities. This is reflected in the current public consultation - The Big Conversation. Local Councils are being asked if they would be interested in taking on some street scene jobs previously undertaken by Norfolk County Council.

The list of jobs includes:

* Grit bin provision and gritting of footways in winter

* Grass cutting, weed spraying and trimming of overgrown hedges

* Sign cleaning and sign repair on minor roads

* Graffiti removal and removal of unauthorised signs

* Cleaning grips to help drainage

* Soft landscaping maintenance of roundabouts

* Vegetation cutting on Public Rights of Way , installation and maintenance of way markers on Public Rights of Way and acting as a warden for Public Rights of Way.

Discussion took place regarding this suggestion and it was agreed that the Parish Council would like to take on such work, so giving more control over what happens in the local area, but cannot do so without funding. It is thought to be unlikely any funding would be forthcoming from Norfolk County Council.

9. Preparation for 2011 Parish Council elections

The Clerk had been booked to attend a seminar relating to the election process but this had been cancelled due to bad weather. The Chairman is booked to attend a future session.

10. Accounts

Financial position update:

The Parish Council bank balance on November 11th 2010 stood at £9217.57.

10.1 Payments agreed in accordance with the budget:

Clerk's salary (November) £197.60

Royal British Legion (poppy wreath) £16.50

CGM (x2) £233.64

EFS Solutions £15.00

Village Hall £50.00

Inland Revenue £103.03

10.2 Clerk's pension

Clause 19 of the Clerk's contract states that the Clerk is entitled to join the Local Government Pension Scheme. Councillors were presented with information relating to the pension scheme and a decision will be made as to whether the Parish Council will contribute at the February Parish Council meeting.

10.3 2011 Precept request

Discussion took place regarding the need to increase the precept. The 2011 budget has been discussed at the September, October and November Parish Council meetings. It was agreed that, due to the current economic hardship everyone is experiencing, the budget for 2011 will be kept the same as in 2010 with only an inflationary rise to be added. It was agreed the 2011 precept request will be £7403.16, an increase of 2%.

10.4 Trimming of the hedge at the allotments

Clarification of the quote to cut the hedge at the allotment will be obtained before the contract is accepted.

11. Correspondence:

11.1 Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk Special Council Meeting agenda 25/11/10.

11.2 Parish Training Information - Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk planning system update 25/01/11 or 26/01/11 9am King's Lynn Town Hall.

11.3 Confirmation from Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk that the cost of Parish Council elections , by elections and Parish Polls will be charged to the Parish Council.

12. Planning

Notice of Decisions:

12.1 Construction of detached hobby building at The Old Coach House, Ryston Road, West Dereham 10/01551/F

Permission granted

12.2 Side extension to dwelling, change in roof design and loft conversion at Baretha, Basil Road, West Dereham 10/01626/F

Permission granted

12.3 Extension to dwelling at Moyuen Cottage, The Row, West Dereham 10/01683/F

Permission granted

13. No Further Reports raised nor additional items suggested for the next agenda.


* It was reported that footpath No. 1 which goes across a field is not visible.

* The footpath between Chestnut Cottage and the neighbouring bungalow is prone to flooding.

Parish Clerk

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