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February 2011

The monthly update from Wereham

St Margaret's Restoration

Since the fundraising drive to save St Margaret's in Wereham was launched 12 years ago with a remarkable and spectacularly successful race to raise £10,000 within a month, the restoration has been a steadily ongoing process and target for fundraising.

The day after the Carol service in December, workmen moved in to begin the final stage of the redecoration and restoration of the South Aisle. Under the direction of Mr Swash, the consultant architect, ( a specialist in Church restoration) and with the blessing of the Diocese of Ely, work has now begun using money raised in all our village fundraising efforts, including the local performers concerts and the panto, and added to by numerous generous donations, both large and small.

The small but mysterious sections of black and brown paint on the wall of the South Aisle will be left for the Conservator, Andrea Kirkham, to protect for the future. But it's good to know that we are now on the home run and, hopefully, the work will be completed in 3 1/2 to four months.

Christmas Trees

Thanks to the ladies and toddler who decorated the church and the assorted Christmas trees so beautifully for the Christmas Carol Service. It added just the right touch to our very well attended carol service. Thank to Charles who added to the Christmas atmosphere by ringing the church bell.

Panto time again !

The Panto is coming to Wereham again this month on Friday 11th February 7pm and Saturday 12th February 5pm. I am sure you will all remember the fun of it last year when it was wonderful to see so many people from the village enjoying a live production in the village hall once again..

It was particularly good to see how quickly the children embraced the whole idea and spirit of pantomime, and soon became totally enthralled and involved in the story and relished the opportunity to join in. Perhaps the best fun was watching them!

We know you will be eagerly awaiting the next production -"Aladdin". Please be sure to get your tickets early -- so that you will not be disappointed or find yourself sitting right at the back! We look forward to seeing you there and remember that all proceeds will be split between St Margaret's Church funds and the Village Hall.

Ticket prices are Adults £4 Children 5-16 yrs £2 and under 5's Free

For Tickets please phone: Greg Baddock 500233, Angela Goddon 500115, Tom Golden 50052, Phil Norris 501395 and Doreen Rolph 500218

Church Clock

As several people noticed the church clock was feeling the effects of the cold weather too and stopped in protest! many thanks to Phil Norris for nursing it back to health.

Wereham Mysteries - by "Conan Doyle"

The Mystery Of The Unwanted Sandwiches.

Each weekday, during term-time, someone leaves a pack of sandwiches under the hedge by the school bus stop on the A134. So if you live on Queens Close or Crown gardens, and you make sandwiches for your children to take to school, you might want to ask them if they really want them?

The Mystery Of The Milk Bottles.

You've probably heard of the song "ten green bottles", well in Wereham we have "ten milk bottles"! Someone leaves ten empty milk bottles on the right hand grass verge at the start of Cavenham Road (where there are no houses). I stopped the milkman one morning and asked him if he knew about them and he said that occasionally someone draws them to his attention and he picks them up, but in no time at all another ten appear! Can anyone shed any light on this? "Sherlock Holmes"

Wereham Friends & Neighbours

After our Christmas break, the Wereham Friends & Neighbours club will be restarting on Thursday 13th January, and this seems like an ideal opportunity to remind you of our activities.

We meet each Thursday, between 2 pm and 4 pm in the village hall, and we get together to play games of your choice like cards, dominoes, darts, and scrabble, or if these are not to your taste then you can simply sit and chat to others. Oh, and you get a nice cup of tea and a piece of cake.

If you'd like to join us why not call Phil on 01366 501 395 - you'll be made very welcome.

Barn Dance

I think that it was obvious from the photo that everyone had a fantastic time at the Barn Dance in October organised by Wereham Wildlife Woodland Our thanks to the caller Barbara, husband Terry and all the musicians who gave their time freely to make the evening such a success!

The evening was intended as a social gathering rather than a fundraising event and £50 from the proceeds was donated to the Village Hall funds.

Wereham Tots-Children in Need

We passed the bucket around Wereham groups for 'Childlren in Need' - first stop at 'Wednesday Bingo', second stop Thursday afternoon at 'Friends and Neigbours' and finally Thursday evening at 'Indoor Bowls'. Friday morning during our session we organised a coffee morning. We invited many friends to join us. Home baked cakes and Mandy's fresh baked bread were for sale, together with a raffle. The bucket then ended up on the bar at the George and Dragon! The grand total raised was £114.00. Thanks to all who contributed to this worthy cause either by donating money, cakes and prizes.

Wereham Website

An enterprising youngster in Wereham has decided that it is high time that Wereham has it's own website. He got the idea having seen the Stroke Ferry website and has spent the last few months setting it up.

Sean says 'WerehamToday will be offering you up-to-date information about the

village and upcoming events. WerehamToday is a non-profit site which means any money donated or from village adverts goes towards the maintenance of the site or towards local fundraising initiatives such as the village hall. The site will be online for 1 year to see if the site will be used, if it does we will keep it open. .If you would like any more information contact myself: sean@werehamtoday.info. Please Visit us! '

The link to the website is launching on January 19th www.werehamtoday.info

Forthcoming Event-Wereham School Annual Reunion

The Wereham Schoolfriends annual reunion will be held at the George and Dragon on Saturday 14th May at 12 noon.

For more information contact Sid West on 01924 827628 or sidwest@talktalk.net

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