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The Diary of Emerald Green

February 2011

Emerald bemoans the lack of support in her schools exam phase

Wow, I've been so busy lately studying for exams. My Geography one is just a week away. I have so much to revise for it and I'm nervous for how well I'm going to do, if I do well at all.

I talked to my mum about it but she doesn't seem to understand, her way of making me feel better was telling me if I "try my best that's all that counts." But I don't believe that's true, I think that I have to try so much better than my best. My expected average for geography is a C. I know that I can do better than that, so I will.

Other than exam stuff, there is something else I wanted to tell you about. It's going to be careers week towards the end of July and they are now asking me what I want to do for it. Of course I said I wanted to be a professional runner, but then I got to thinking. Is being a runner a real job? If I'm honest that's all I want to do with my life.

I don't want to live a fancy life, not one with mansions and butlers stuff like that. Anyway who wants a Butler to do all your jobs for you, I like that's just lazy, but you do hear on most American shows how English people are always known for their Butlers called Jives. That part always makes me laugh.

If all else fails then I could work at Mac-Donalds for the rest of my life. NO! I'm just kidding, I wouldn't do that to myself. No harm intended. That's what my teachers tell us a lot at school how if we don't do well, we will end up there. I on the other hand, have got a new pair of running trainers that I shall now go run-in .

Write Soon x

April Lister

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