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Northwold Parish Council meeting

February 2011



Present: Mrs R Crisp, Mrs V Lynch, Mrs T Waller, Miss A Muir, Mr M Roberts, Mr M Wells, Mr J Norris

2 members of the public

1. Apologies for absence

Mr D George, Mr M Peake

It was reported that Mrs S Leet has resigned as a Councillor. Mrs Leet will be thanked for her time and input as a member of Northwold Parish Council.

2. No Declarations of Interest were made.

3. The minutes of the meeting held on 02/11/10 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters Arising from previous meetings

* The Clerk is to issue a tenancy agreement for the vacant Garden Allotment plot.

* The Council is awaiting a quote for the treatment of reported Chafer bugs at Northwold Playing Field.

* It was agreed to move the grit bin from outside the Old Post Office to replace the broken bin by the Village Hall. If possible the grit bin from the Village Hall will be placed near the phone box on Methwold Road. Permission from the Highways Department to site other salt bins by the A134 crossroads and at Church Lane, Whittington is being sought. It was asked that a request be made to the Highways Department to grit Church Lane, Whittington and the Methwold Road.

* The updated lease agreement between Northwold Parish Council and Northwold Sports & Social Club has been passed to the Social Club to be signed. It was reported that the Club Committee has not met since receiving the agreement but this matter will be considered at a meeting to be held on 13/12/10. The Parish Council will inform the Club that a response is requested before the January Parish Council meeting.

5. Reports

5.1 Chairman's Report

* The Environment Agency has undertaken maintenance work to the bridge at Common Drove. This has been done as a goodwill gesture and is unlikely to be undertaken again by the Environment Agency.

* The Parish Council gratefully accepted the offer made by Mrs Sharron Freemantle to apply for a grant to finance the purchase of notice boards for the parish. However, Councillors did express concern that the planned notice boards are open fronted and therefore may be prone to vandalism.

* Pot holes have been repaired along Pinfold Lane.

* A letter from a parishioner has been received regarding flooding at the junction of Inghams Lane and West End. This will be passed to the Highways Department for comment.

5.2 Clerk's Report

* Royal Mail has been contacted again regarding the removal of the post boxes in Little London and Diddlington.

* The Clerk has been investigating the possible need for tree risk assessments to be undertaken in the parish. It is possible a visual inspection can be undertaken and recorded by a member of the Council.

5.3 Manor House Update

No further information has been received regarding Manor House.

5.4 A134 Crossroads Update

No further information has been received regarding the crossroads.


* Mr Adrian Jenkinson informed the Parish Council that the wall at his property, which is adjacent to the A134 crossroads, has been deemed acceptable by the planning department and therefore it will remain as repaired.

* Brief discussion took place regarding the grass cutting contractors employed by the Parish Council and how work undertaken compares to that done in neighbouring parishes.

6. The following payments were agreed:

MHB Services (street lighting maintenance) £50.14

E.on Energy (street light electric) £146.98

Village Hall Committee £10.00

Country Grounds Maintenance £290.00

Society of Local Council Clerks subs(1/5th of cost) £23.60

Clerk Salary £93.60

Royal British Legion - poppy appeal £16.50

Methwold High School (photocopying) £4.23

6.1 2011 Precept request

It was agreed the precept request for 2011 should remain at £17000, the same as 2010. The Parish Council is at present spending as in line with the budget. However, due to prudence on the part of the Council there may be a slight underspend by the end of the financial year. With this in mind the Parish Council decided not to raise the precept in the present poor economic climate. Any money which can be put into reserves at the end of the financial year could be earmarked for future tree risk assessments or treatment of the Chafer bugs at the Playing Field. The budget set for 2010 will be used as the basis for the 2011 budget and spending will be undertaken accordingly.

7. Correspondence

7.1 Letter received from grass cutting contractors in response to concerns raised by the Parish Council regarding the routine maintenance in the Cemetery.

7.2 Letter from Norfolk Records Office who are attempting to establish the whereabouts of files relating to the Parish Council and Northwold Social Club which were deposited with the Record Office and then temporarily withdrawn in 1995.

7.3 Parish planning training and information - January 25th or 26th at King's Lynn.

7.4 Notice regarding highway closure/restriction for water connection at the U21348 Church Lane, Whittington, outside No.2.

8. Planning

8.1 Continued use of land for storage and maintenance of equipment associated with the entertainment industry at the Oaks, Thetford Road, Northwold IP26 5LQ 10/01858/CU

Permission recommended

8.2 Construction of two storey rear extension to dwelling at 15 Little London Lane, Northwold IP26 5NH 10/01981/F

Permission recommended

8.3 Re-application of 2/88/2804/CU/F - Conversion of workshop/barn to form four bed dwelling at Lime Kiln Farm, 23 Church Lane, Whittington 10/01939/F

Refusal recommended

It was noted that a letter of objection has been sent to the Borough Council by a neighbouring resident and the Parish Council were in agreement with the points raised in the letter.

Notice of Decision

Permission is granted for the proposed single storey link from existing dwelling and conversion of garage to form annexe at Derwent House, Old Methwold Road, Whittington 10/01472/F

9. Lack of burial space at Whittington Churchyard.

A letter has been received from Whittington P.C.C requesting that the Parish Council gives consideration to the suggestion that the Church cemetery could be extended into part of Whittington Playing Field. There are only two spaces left and the churchyard will then be closed for burials.

The meeting was briefly suspended to allow a member of the audience to present further information regarding the cemetery. A similar request was made some years ago as no other suitable land could be found.

Some discussion took place regarding the provision of cemeteries and the Council will seek guidance regarding its responsibilities. The Council would expect a formal proposal from the P.C.C. and consideration will need to be given to the financial implications which would result from the project.

10. Constables Charity update

A request was made some time ago for money to be released from Constables Charity to purchase hardcore to repair pot holes along Little London Lane. Investigation will be undertaken as to what may be needed and the cost of repair. This matter will be an agenda item again for the January Parish Council meeting.

11. Further reports/items for the next agenda

11.1 It was reported that a street light outside No. 6 Church Lane, Whittington is lit all day. A light outside Cumberland House, Old Methwold Road also needs maintenance.

11.2 It was suggested an article should be put in the Village Life explaining the role the Parish Council has in the planning system. Parish Councils have a legal right to ask for copies of planning applications and to express their views to the authority. The Parish Council has no further power on planning matters and the planning authority does not have to automatically consult with the Parish Council but should consider the parish view.

Parish Clerk

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