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January 2011

Minutes of the November meeting of West Dereham Parish Council




Present: Mrs Claire Cann - Chairman, Ms A Richardson - Vice-Chairman, Mrs Doreen Berry, Mrs Ruth Marsters, Mr Paddy Murfitt.

Mr Richard Rockcliffe - County Councillor

3 members of the public

1. Apologies for Absence accepted from:

Mr Russell Drew

Mr Trevor Manley - Borough Councillor

2. No Declarations of Interest made

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 07/10/10 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters arising from previous meetings

4.Broadband update

Mr Andy Ambridge was present at the meeting to give an update regarding Norfolk County Council's offer to pilot broadband provision in West Dereham.

There has been some progress with this project and a fibre optic cable is now in place at Hilgay Primary School. A long range connection should provide broadband to West Dereham. The original plan to erect a 4.5 meter mast at West Dereham to retransmit the signal has been superceded by the results of a site survey indicating the need for a 20 metre mast. The mast must be this height to allow a clear line of sight from Hilgay. Planning permission would need to be gained for the mast and an electrical supply would have to be identified. The mast would be expected to provide broadband at a distance of 8km from the mast. Householders would need a receiver box at their property but Norfolk County Council would be willing to fund this for some villagers willing to be part of the pilot project. It is expected receiver boxes will cost £100 and there will also be a service contract charge once the project has been established. It is hoped a trial service will be established in 2011 with full unfettered broadband provision being available from April 2012.

Some discussion took place regarding where the mast could be located (ideally in the centre of the village) and the Parish Council will deliver a flyer outlining the project and asking for names of those who would like to be included in the pilot project.

Mr Ambridge was asked to provide notes that could be distributed to villagers explaining what is to be offered.

4.2 Police Surgeries Update

Due to personal problems PCSO Sara Green has been unable to arrange any dates for Police Surgeries to be held in West Dereham. Enquiries will be made as to whether regular Police Surgeries are held in other local parishes. Parishioners want to see the Police in the village and this will be communicated to the Chief Constable for Norfolk.

5. Reports:

5.1 Chairman's Report:

* The Village Hall is about to close for refurbishment. It is expected the December meeting of the Parish Council will take place at St. Andrews Church.

* The Chairman and Mrs Pam Walker have restocked the planters along Church Road.

* It has been reported that the footpath board in Station Road has been vandalised and thrown in the ditch. This has been reported to the Police and David Mills, Norfolk County Council Rights of Way Officer has been asked if the board can be reinstated. Norfolk County Council will replace the original board if it has not been damaged but if a new board is necessary the Parish Council will be asked to finance the cost of replacement.

* Finger post signs identifying footpaths in the parish are missing. The Rights of Way Officer will be passed a list of signs that need replacing. Mr Paddy Murphy was asked to photograph locations where signs are missing.

* Highways will be approached again about the reported blocked drains by Beech House, Hilgay Road.

* The Parish Council is to add a page to its website for use by the Village Hall Committee but a member of the Committee will need to be responsible for adding information to the page.

5.2 Clerk's Report:

* Enquiries are being made regarding whether ash from the proposed incinerator at Kings Lynn would be classed as inert waste and if so would it be likely to be disposed of via landfill. A free talk regarding the incinerator is to be held at King's Lynn Art Centre on 15/11/10 at 7.30pm, with a further meeting arranged for 30/11/10 at Lynn Sport.

5.3 Village Hall Report:

* At a third attempt the Village Hall Committee has been invited to submit a full application to Lottery, Reaching Communities - and this is work in progress.

* "Awards for all" has granted £10,000 for kitchen equipment.

* £50,000 has been awarded by WREN - so now together with Village Trust monies there is £185,000 in the pot. Although this amount falls short to complete the project, it is planned that work will start in December.

* Quotations are being sought for an alarm system and a loop system for the hard of hearing.

* The Village Hall Committee is holding frequent meetings to discuss final issues that need decisions before building starts.

* A Trust Deed relating to the Village Hall needs to be signed by the Chairman of the Parish Council to enable the charity to be registered with the Charity Commission. Registration will allow the charity to apply for grants from more sources. The deed is a standard trust document with omissions but no additions. Councillors were asked to study the document and advise the Clerk if they had any concerns.

5.4 Glazewing Report:

* The monthly report from Glazewing was read out to the meeting and will be displayed on the village notice boards. Glazewing directors are to attend the December Parish Council meeting.

* It was noted Glazewing have cleared rubbish that had been dumped along Station Road.

* Glazewing will be asked if there are now plans to screen the skips sited by the river as a certificate of lawful use has been granted. This is something Glazewing have previously stated would be considered.

* Enquiries will be made as to whether planning permission has ever been granted relating to use of the haulage yard at Station Road.

6. Preparation for 2011 Parish Council Elections

The Clerk is to attend a course explaining the election process.

A reply to the Parish Councils letter concerning the Borough Councils proposal to charge the costs of Parish Council elections to the Parish Council has been received. It is being suggested that as a definite cost of the 2011 cannot be given Parish Councils having an election will be invoiced for the actual cost after the election and the invoice will not be payable until the following financial year. Consequently it will not be necessary for Parish Councils to make assumptions regarding the cost of an election when setting their precept for 2011/12.

7. Accounts: Financial position update

7.1 The Parish Council current account stood at £6827.31 on the 19th October with £1611.05 held in a reserve account.

Payment of the following accounts was agreed:

Clerk's salary (October) £224.54

SLCC £138.88

EFS Solutions (copying) £10.00

Methwold High School £14.75

Maxey & Son £235.00

Some discussion took place regarding the predicted budget spend until the end of the financial year. Money was allocated in the budget for hedge cutting and it was agreed to approach the grounds maintenance contractors regarding a quote to trim the part of the allotment hedge that has not been cut.

7.2 2011 Precept request

Discussion took place regarding future projects that the Parish Council may wish to finance in future years. A request has been made for a second bus shelter in the village and it was decided a flyer should be posted around the village asking whether a second shelter is wanted and if so where should it be sited.

Mr Paddy Murphy provided Councillors with his observations of Parish Council assets around the village with suggested maintenance to be undertaken. With this in mind it was thought wise to retain money in the precept for village maintenance and improvements.

Councillors had previously considered the purchase of mapping software for the village. A mapping system could be purchased at a cost of £373 if the Parish Council were to share the software with four other local parishes. It was agreed to purchase the software only if the cost would be spilt five ways.

The precept request for 2011 will need to be agreed at the December Parish Council meeting.

7.3 Review of Clerks contract

A copy of the Clerks contract had previously been presented to Councillors for annual review. It was noted that from April 2011 employers may be required to contribute to employees pensions. The Clerk will provide information relating to the Norfolk County Council pension scheme for the December meeting and this matter will be an agenda item.

8. Correspondence

1. The Playing Field Newsletter

2. BCKLWN Special Council Meeting agenda 14/10/10 and Council meeting agenda 30/09/10

3. Watlington Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel meeting 11/11/10 @ 7PM Watlington Village Hall.

4. E-mail of introduction from Karl Rands, the newly appointed Highways Area Manger West. The Highway Engineer for the West Dereham area is now Jon Barnard and can be contacted via the Customer Service Centre on 0344 800 8009 or highways@norfolk.gov.uk

5. Proposed Power and Recycling Centre at King's Lynn - meeting date (see item 5.2).

6. Norfolk County Council consultation document to be published setting out proposals for changes in the core role of the authority and the way it works - www.norfolk.gov.uk. Councillors will be provided with copies of the consultation and feedback is requested by 10/01/11. This will be an agenda item for the December meeting of the Parish Council.

7. Core Strategy and Minerals and Waste Development Management Policies development Plan Document: Revision to Pre-Submission Document: Invitation to make representations between October 22nd and December 17th 2010.

9. No Planning applications received for consultation.

10. Review of allotment agreements

Following receipt of information from Norfolk Association of Local Councils it was recommended that the allotment agreements should be reviewed. This will be undertaken before the allotment inspection in March 2011 so tenants can be made aware before renewal of agreements in the autumn. This matter will be discussed again at the February 2011 Parish Council meeting.

11. It was agreed to include the following provision in Standing Orders:

Unless the Council gives consent, no one may take photographs, film or video or other electronic recordings or broadcasts of the proceedings at any meeting or do anything to enable people not present to see or hear the proceedings(either at the time or later) or make any oral report on any proceedings as they take place.

12. No Further Reports raised nor additional items suggested for the next agenda.


Parish Clerk

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