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The Diary of Emerald Green

January 2011

Emerald welcomes the new year and a new start

A new year, a new start, that's what everybody says, but I really do feel that things will get brighter for me. Maybe it's the fact that I'm beset with festive cheer-just having had Christmas 'n News years and all, or maybe it's because of all the exciting things-like my running competition - that are coming up for me. This year will be significant; I'm going to make sure of it. I want to do everything I can, I feel like I should accomplish something amazing, because I'm learning that life doesn't last forever.

I had a great Christmas filled with happiness and presents, it was just me, my mum, dad and little sister. It was so nice to be with them, without the interruptions of work and the usual daily stresses. It's made me see sense and I never want to take my family for granted again. Maybe I will make that my New Year's resolution.

Going back to school was like a fresh start for me, the angry glares were gone. Everyone was so excited to tell their friends about their Christmas presents and their getting "totally smashed" on New Year's Eve. Anna & Laura, girls who I've never really spoken to before, they were moved next to me in my maths lesson. We got speaking and I found that they are actually pretty cool. We hung out at break and Lunch that day, and pretty much every day since. (Except when I go in the gym with a guy called Nick).

I got running shoes for Christmas and I made arrangements to go running with Nick tonight, it's just a friendship nothing more. Most people think that guys and girl can't be "just friends" but I disagree. Me and Nick have loads in common and he's so easy to be around. He's new at school and he's in most of my lessons. Not like most boys my age either. More mature I'd say.

Oh wait, that's him now. Got-to-dash.

Write soon , x

P.S Have a great new year.

April Lister

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