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Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting Minutes

January 2011

Minutes of the December meeting of Stoke Ferry Parish Council


Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in The Community Centre

At 7.30pm on Wednesday 15 December 2010

Those Attending: Cllr Mrs T Mann (Chairman), Cllr Mrs M Leamon, Cllr D Summers, Cllr Mrs R Mendoza, Cllr J Nicholas-Letch, Cllr Mrs J Markwell, Cllr M Precey, Borough Councillor C Sampson, Mrs C Hardy (Clerk) and 6 members of the public. Mr Stephen Bett Chairman Norfolk Police Authority and Superintendent Davison were also present

Apologies: Apologies were received from Cllr Mrs Lansdell-Williams and PCSO Sara Green

The Chairman welcomed and thanked Mr Bett and Superintendent Davison for attending the meeting. Superintendent Davison gave an outline of some latest statistics, there had been a 32% reduction in recorded crime since 2004 in Norfolk, in the king's Lynn area the reduction had been 20% in two years. Stoke Ferry had 19 crimes and 150 calls recorded in 12 months covering a variety of incidences. He then asked if anyone had any questions they wished to ask.

Is 150 calls comparable with other villages - he did not have figures but would look into this point

Motorbikes are still a problem in Bradfield Place and Fairfield Road - this would also be looked into

Will you be able to continue with same support due to the financial restrictions - they will deliver the best they can with what they have available. No recruitment is taking place at the moment, replacements not made when people retire.

How many officers cover Stoke Ferry - Based in Watlington 1 Sergeant, 2 PC's, 3 PCSO's split into 3 shifts/8hours. 999 calls are dealt with from King's Lynn. Concern raised as to whether there would be sufficient officers to cover SF should there be a major incident elsewhere.

Night Lighting - the streets affected are mostly occupied by OAP's, the PC not happy with this and would like some police backing on this point - the PC/individuals should write to the local MP, hot spots for crime would be monitored

It was felt too much time was spent on paperwork - this point is being assessed to try and improve the system

Mr Bett informed the meeting that the number of people in Norfolk increases considerably during the summer months. Norfolk is the second best police force in the country. He did point out that because of all the cut backs the service will suffer. The Police Authority will be disbanded and there will be a Police & Crime Commissioner instead.

A query was made about dogs running loose on public footpaths - this is against the law and comes under the Dangerous Dogs Act - the problem in question is being dealt with

Is it possible crime will increase with less police available.

Superintendent Davison left the meeting - the Chairman thanked him for attending.

Proposed Power and Recycling Centre at King's Lynn

Mr Bett had attended a recent meeting relating to this centre and kindly offered to put a few facts to the meeting. To date the debate had been very one sided with not the full information available. Saddlebow has a good road network for access. There is a tremendous waste problem, the incinerator will recycle 70% with all metals taken out before burning. The plant will operate at 800 degrees centigrade, if it falls below this temperature it will cut out. The ash will be turned into aggregate there will be very little waste from the incinerator.

The Chairman thanked Mr Bett for attending.

Minutes of the last Meeting: Cllr Mrs Leamon proposed acceptance, seconded by Cllr Summers.

Matters Arising:

a) Fence/Footpath near The Moorings/The Old Bull - nothing further to report

b) Buckenham Drive/Parking - a response has been received from the Senior Housing Officer at Freebridge who has informed the PC that no parking facilities will be made available in this area, therefore no sum budgeted. They will shortly be offering repaired garages to tenants to rent.

c) The Cemetery - a response has been received from the Probation Service and the paint will be returned when they are next in the area

d) Parish Councils Elections - a response has been received informing that the charging for PC Elections will go ahead. An account will be issued in the year of the election but will not have to be paid until the following year.

e) Footpath 4 - Chapman's Field - Country Access Warden has advised a fine can be imposed if footpaths are continually not reinstated. He also advised that this could very well be passed to parish councils to deal with

f) Footpath Near Village Hall/Weeds - no response received from Wells Homes regarding the weeds

g) Loose Kerb Buckenham Drive - Highways to relay this kerb

h) Bridge Road Breaking Up/Sinking - Highways to inspect

i) Playing Fields - strimming at top of field to be left until next year

j) Rubbish on Common - to be left until next year

k) Hedge Bridge Road - no response has been received from the owner of this hedge. Cllr Summers agreed to cut back the branches growing over the footpath

l) Plants for Parish Gardens - in her absence Cllr Lansdell-Williams had passed a note to the Chairman saying she and the member of public will sort out some suitable shrubs to be planted next spring.

m) Sites of Special Interest - a response had been received from Natural England showing where these sites are. The Clerk asked if it would be a good idea for this information to be published in The Pump - this was agreed.

n) Bridleway/Footpath from Bridge Road to Greatmans Way - no further money available for any more grass cutting this year. Again the maintenance/grass cutting of public footpaths may possibly be passed to parish council in future.

o) Buckenham Drive Potholes near Vion - not sure if repaired yet

p) Buckenham Drive Road/Footpaths - the Chairman asked if the member of public had received a satisfactory response from CC White - if not asked them to chase it up

q) Wretton Road Broken Manhole Cover - being looked at today

r) Children Waiting for Bus Furlong Road - does not seem to be a problem at the moment.

Remembrance Sunday - Update

The Chairman reported a very good turnout - it seemed to be OK

Parish Councils Responsible for Maintenance of Public Footpaths/Bridleways/Gritting of Footways/Insurance

From all the information recently received it would appear that these services will be passed to parish councils to deal with in future. Parish Councils will have to make a decision whether or not to take on these tasks or try to get volunteers to carry out the various works. Insurance cover would need to be considered.

Stoke Ferry Youth Club

An email had been received from NALC advising that the Youth Club were not happy with the way monies were being released. NALC have advised they are not happy for more than

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