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Janet Stocking replies to Les Lawrence

January 2011

Janet suggests that Les takes his mind off yong ladies and makes a more sensible proposal

Dear Editor

I would like to reiterate Mr Lawrence's comments in last months Village Pump. While I agree that you have indeed been and excellent Editor; I for one am glad that you now have more help and feel able to carry on with the job; I see no reason at all why we have in Mr Lawrence's words 'to move on'.

Unfortunately this is the only thing that I can agree with, if we should have a new editor, and no it didn't surprise me that Mr L's suggestion was that it should be a young woman, and according to Mr Lawrence 'under 30'; and I can well imagine her reaction when she finds that at the age of 81 Mr Lawrence not longer contributes to the VP, it would be one of relief as Mr L's articles mostly contained inappropriate references to young women.

With reference to the VP being sponsored by Saga; what an excellent idea, I suggest we put it to them, after all you only have to be over 50 to join Saga and take advantage of the excellent offers and advice that they give.

So to conclude, keep up the good work Ray, long may it continue; lets enjoy the contributions that the young people make to our magazine and the many other contributors of all ages, of course we don't all enjoy every article, every month, but by and large our magazine is interesting, informative and sometimes a bit controversial.

Janet Stocking

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