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December 2010

Minutes of the October meeting of the village Liaison Committee

Vion UK- Favor Parker

Stoke Ferry Feed Mill

Wednesday 13th October 2010


Mrs. Pat Holton (Village Representative)

Mr. Ray Thompson (Editor Village Pump)

Mrs. Jean Markwell (Parish Council)

Mr. Dick Jacklin (Vion UK Favor Parker Ltd)

Mr. Keith White (Vion UK Favor Parker Ltd)

1. Apologies

Mr. Lionel Halls.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting (14th July 2010) and matters arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

Matters arising.

On behalf of the committee KW contacted Mr. Colin Sampson at Kings Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council to ask if he would chair all future meetings. He has agreed to this request.

3. Complaints received since the last meeting.

Mr. White stated the company had not received any complaints relating to dust or noise.

4. Noise

No complaints had directly been received however Mrs. Holton stated that a resident of Furlong Road had asked her to complain of a general increase in noise.

A question was raised relating to plant maintenance; the Company reiterated that maintenance levels to all plant had not decreased.

5. Odour Dust & Particulates

No complaints had been received.

A question was raised into how the mill emission points are monitored.

The procedure is as follows; all points are visually checked at four hourly intervals. Further to this within the process detection probes are incorporated which are linked to the mill control system. If dust is detected this automatically shuts the affected plant down.

To comply with the PPC permit all emission points are tested by an UKAS & MCERTS accredited Company. These results are reported annually to the Environment Agency.

6. Transport.

No complaints had been received.

Mrs. Markwell asked what speed restrictions the company uses within the village boundaries. Mr. White stated that the company has operated a 20mph restriction for a number of years. It was also highlighted that children are playing at the junction of Lynn / Furlong road when waiting for school transport.

7. Buildings.

The Company acknowledges the proposal received from Mrs. Holton relating to renovation & change of use for both the Dukes Head & Millers Arms, the proposal is under review.

Mr. Thompson asked if there had been any development regarding the property known as "Wards Garage" and the developers of the new Village Hall.

Mr. White stated he was not aware of any change in ownership.

8. Any other Business

The committee welcomed Mrs. Jean Markwell as the Parish Council representative who takes the place of Mrs. Trudy Mann.

The committee would like to take this opportunity to thank Trudy for her commitment during her time on the committee.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 19th January 2010

Keith White

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