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Northwold Parish Council meeting

December 2010


Present: Mrs R Crisp, Mrs V Lynch, Mr M Peake, Mrs S Leet, Mrs T Waller, Mr D George, Mr J Norris.

2 members of the public

1. Apologies for absence

Miss A Muir, Mr M Roberts, Mr M Wells.

2. No Declarations of Interest were made.

3. The minutes of the meeting held on 07/09/10 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters Arising from previous meetings

* It was noted that Watering Lane, Whittington has now been cut.

* Nothing more has been heard regarding the problem of flooding at Common Drove.

* Flooding at Normans Drive, Whittington had been reported at the previous Parish Council meeting but there appears to have been no further incidents.

* It was suggested trees at Whittington Playing Field should be assessed to establish whether maintenance is needed.

* The sign for Whittington Playing Field remains in the roadside hedge. (This has been reported to Highways).

4.1 Transport of Northwold students to Methwold High School

An inspection of the Methwold Road has bee undertaken and the route has been declared dangerous for students to walk along. Northwold students will therefore be provided with a free bus service to Methwold High School.

5. Reports

5.1 Chairman's Report

* A litter picker provided by the Borough Council visits the village every other Monday.

5.2 Clerk's Report

* Royal Mail is aware that the post box needs to be reinstated at Little London but this is not a priority job.

* An enquiry has been made regarding tenancy of the Garden Allotment which is vacant at present. It was agreed the allotment could be split and a smaller piece of land will be offered to a resident of the village. The rent (£16.00 pa) will be proportional to the land used.

5.3 Manor House Update

Members of the Borough Council Property Services Team have met with the owner of the Manor House. The owner has stated that repairs are to be undertaken but that a survey will be undertaken on the property first. Property services have conducted a survey and are willing to proceed with compulsory purchase of the building if no action is taken by the owner.

5.4 A134 Crossroads Update - no further report

5.5 Report of meeting held with Northwold Sports and Social Club 28/09/10 - agreed to discuss this matter at the end of the meeting following a resolution to exclude the public.


The Parish Council has received a letter from a resident concerned about a planning application to erect two new dwellings at the Homestead, 1Inghams Lane, Northwold following demolition of the existing dwelling. The existing dwelling is thought to be one of the oldest in the village. A resident was also present at the meeting to raise concerns with this application. Councillors were in agreement that the proposed development should not be permitted and that the existing building should be retained. The suggested new development would not be in keeping with the area and would be detrimental to the character of the village. Concerns were also raised regarding the possible loss of trees at the site and that the access would not be suitable for an increase in usage.

It was reported that the road by the war memorial appears to be sinking. This will be passed to Highways.

6. The following payments were agreed:

MHB Services (street lighting maintenance £50.14

E.on Energy (street light electric) £148.98

Village Hall Committee £20.00 Country Grounds Maintenance £290.00 Northwold Car Scheme £256.10

MR Plumbing £192.38

Mazars (audit) £334.88

Clerk Salary £142.40 Clerk - conference attendance £12.00

6.1 2011 Precept request

Councillors were presented with a budget forecast to 31/03/11. It is estimated that routine expenses will total around £12000 by the end of the financial year. Maintenance of trees in the parish, additional grounds work at the Playing Field to combat Chafer bugs and the possible purchase of salt bins will add to this figure if the Council decides to pursue these matters. The Council will need to decide how best to use the possible remaining £4500 of the 2010 precept. The 2010 external audit has been completed and one question asked by the auditor was if the Parish Council is planning to accumulate any increase in its reserve money.

6.2 Provision of salt bins

Discussion took place regarding the provision of salt bins at Pinfold Lane and each end of Church Road, Whittington. Bins vary in price depending on size and can cost over £300. A decision on the number of bins to purchase will be made at the next meeting when locations have been confirmed. Permission will also need to be sought from the Highways Department regarding siting the bins.

6.3 Maintenance of trees in the Old Cemetery

It will be further considered at a future meeting whether trees at the Old Cemetery and Whittington Playing Field need pruning. Any tree surgeon employed by the Parish Council will need to hold public liability insurance.

7. Correspondence

7.1 It was agreed that no comment would be made regarding the LDF Core Strategy Focused Changes document. Northwold is to be linked to Methwold and the villages will jointly be classed as a Key Service Centre.

7.2 Norfolk Police Authority News

7.3 2011 Census: Councillor Handbook

7.4 Mini Service Review - Parish Council Elections. It is being suggested that in future years the full cost of running Parish Council Elections should be passed on to the Parish Council.

7.5 Proposed Power and Recycling Centre at King's Lynn.

7.6 Norfolk Link etc.

8. Planning

Mr. M Peake took no part in discussion relating to agenda item 8.

8.1 Erection of two new detached dwellings following demolition of existing dwelling at The Homestead 1 Inghams Lane, Northwold 10/01531/O Object - reasons as stated in Open Forum

Notice of Decision

Permission is granted for the retention of detached dwelling at Former Coal Yard, West End, Northwold 10/01091/F

9. It was agreed to adopt the procedure for dealing with notifications received from the Monitoring Officer as recommended by the Borough Council.

10. Further reports/items for the next agenda

10.1 As previously agreed a summer meeting of Northwold Parish Council will be held at Whittington Church. Owners of the granary at Whittington have been approached and they are happy for those attending the meeting to park on the roadside by the granary. Roger Warner has also offered his yard for parking.

10.2 Complaints were voiced of low flying aircraft over the village. The village is situated in the flight path for Marham and the USAF bases and planes can fly as low as 250ft.

10.3 It was reported that the footpath along Little London Road has been cleared by the owners of the Lodge.

A resolution to exclude the public was agreed to discuss the agreement between Northwold Sports & Social Club and Northwold Parish Council.

Discussion took place regarding past agreements and the request made by the Sports & Social Club to retain clauses 6 and 7 of the previous agreement in any new agreement. The Sports & Social Club do not want to be responsible for collection of water rates form affiliated users of the club and therefore also want this clause of the new agreement amended. There has been no contribution to past water bills by Northwold Bowls Club and the Bowls Club has stated that they are unwilling to contribute in future. Water meters have been installed at the Playing Field so users of water can be billed for the amount of water used. The past agreements with Northwold Sports & Social Club compelled the Club t contributed 25% of water bills with the Parish Council subsidising the organisations using the facilities by paying the remaining 75%. The Parish Council must decide whether it is prepared to continue with this subsidy bearing in mind that other groups in the parish are self supporting.

Debate continued regarding the role of the Sports & Social Club as overall guardians of affiliated clubs who use facilities at Northwold Playing Field. Clubs are affiliated members of the Sports & Social Club and should abide by their constitutions.

The Parish Council was not against the addition of clauses 6 and 7 of the previous agreement to any new agreement with Northwold Sports & Social Club but it was suggested further legal advice should be sought. Once this has been done the question of who should pay the water bills will also be decided.

Parish Clerk

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