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Letter to the Editor

December 2010

Peter bemoans the excessive use pf pachaging on even the simplest item

Dear Ray,

Last week my 'clip on' sun glasses finally gave up the ghost, after 7/8 years of sterling service and a new pair were ordered to enable my vision on the road to retain a reasonable safe level for driving.

Yesterday the glasses arrived.

The were in a good robust, soft lined, rigid, customised box with 'Polaroid' emblazoned on the lid.

This case was in a decorously printed blue box, which itself was sheathed in a separate 'slide on', polythene cover.

Around this was a neatly shaped tissue paper wrap which filled the gaps in the larger corrugated white box that the whole lot came in.

Oh then it was in one of the carriers polythene freight bags...for safe keeping, I guess...

The waste of packaging was enormous...Why? The glasses in their carrying case in a 17p jiffy bag would have easily done the trick, and I could have re-used the Jiffy bag...

Words fail me...

Peter Bodle

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