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Letter from les Lawrence

December 2010

Les debates the possobility of find a young, nubile lady Editor!

Dear Editor,

Reading your editorial in the November Issue you mentioned that after 10 years you would now like to stand down. I don't really have to repeat what I have said many times that you have been a first class Editor; however we have to move on.

Let us consider the future; our new Editor, and no one should be surprised at this, hopefully a young Lady under 40 years of age, even under 30 years.

What will be her reaction when she discovers that I am no longer, at 81 years of age, a regular contributor? I would suggest you might find her either in the Blue Bell or the George and Dragon, enjoying a celebratory glass.

And what will she think of our present regular contributors? Will emails be heading their way saying, "thank you and good bye"? What will she think of the size of our Village Pump at present nearly 70 pages of A/4? More of the same, I doubt it.

We can however sleep safely in our beds. It will be a long, long time before we have such a Lady as our Editor; we stand a better chance of the Village Pump being sponsored by Saga and that tells you everything.


Les Lawrence

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