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The diary of Emerald Green

November 2010

Emerald continues the saga of the teacher's car and her sunsequent broken ankle.

It's been so long since I was out running; right now I can't even walk properly all thanks to Beth. I broke my ankle somehow as I fell out of the car and my foot slammed in the car door, the teachers were kind when they found me in the car park. I told them what happened and rumour has it all the girls have been excluded for two weeks. They deserve it, I suppose, it's obvious now I won't be accepted back into the gang. It's amazing after what they did that I still want to be their friend.

I'm so angry with them, and myself, I was fooled into the popularity circle, and its still, even now, hard to get away from, hard to escape them. It was worse when I went back to school, it took just a couple of hours for the news to spread, then people stopped opening doors for me, and letting me cut in front of them in the lunch queue. It is a sad time, like the end of an era.

The classic movie plot would be at this point after losing one set of friends I would go back to the old ones, Ruby I mean. I didn't, and if you want the honest truth, I haven't made any attempt to get any new friends. Ruby was great to me, but, I feel like I've grown up a little bit since we were friends. I keep thinking about how horrible I've been to her, and how it must feel to be in her shoes, where a friend just ditches you one day and hangs out with the most popular girl in the year the other day. I am too ashamed to talk to her, and she hasn't spoken to me-she won't even look at me- I can't blame her.

Right now, this would be the part where I say I'm going for a run, but, as you know that's quite impossible, so maybe I'll just do a bit of limping and stumbling around the room. There is an upside to having a broken ankle it's the fact that I get to wear a pretty pink cast.

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April Lister

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