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Northwold Parish Council meeting

November 2010


Present: Mrs R Crisp, Mrs V Lynch, Mrs T Waller, Mrs S Leet, Mr D George, Mr J Norris, Mr M Peake, Mr M Wells.


3 members of the public

1. Apologies for absence

Miss A Muir, Mr M Roberts, PCSO's.

2. No Declarations of Interest made.

3. The minutes of the meeting held on 03/08/10 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters arising from previous meetings

* The grass cutting contractors have been contacted again regarding cutting Water Lane, Whittington as it has been reported that the lane has not been cut at all this season.

* Mr. Roberts has fitted two water meters at Northwold Playing Field. The clubs who use water at the site have been informed of this and Angliawater will now send water bills directly to The Sports & Social Club.

* Councillors attended training led by Sue Lake (Norfolk Association of Local Councils Training Officer) at Weeting Village Hall on August 11th. It was felt the training was worthwhile and Councillors would be happy to attend further sessions.

* One bad pot hole remains in Pinfold Lane.

* Mr. George was thanked for repairing the Cemetery gate.

* It was reported that problems relating to the distribution of the Village Life in Whittington have now been resolved.

4.1 Some discussion took place regarding the possibility of holding one Parish Council meeting in Whittington Church each year. The Church wardens would support this and no charge would be incurred if the meeting were to be held at a time when heating would not be required. Further investigation will be made regarding where those attending the meeting would park. This matter will be considered again in the spring.

5. Reports

5.1 Chairman's Report

* There has been no further news regarding the possible repair of the footpath at Common Drove.

* Torrential rain caused flooding in the village on July 13th. The Highway Engineer has visited the areas concerned and will arrange for drains to be cleared. However, it is the responsibility of landowners not to permit water to flood the highway.

* Sharron Freemantle is hoping to form a Northwold Action Group to drive projects forward in the village. It is hoped such a group may be able to access funding opportunities and liaise with the Parish Council to achieve more for the village.

* There have been problems reported with students being unable to obtain transport from Northwold to Methwold High School. Children are expected to walk to school along the Methwold Road as the distance is less than three miles. However, it is hoped Norfolk County Council will assess the road and if the journey is deemed to be dangerous transport to school will be provided. Comment was made that it is not safe for children to cross the A134 and that not providing transport will result in greater congestion outside Methwold High School as students will be taken to school by car. An update on this situation will be given at the October Parish Council meeting.

5.2 Clerk's Report

* The Safer Neighbourhood Team were unable to attend the meeting but asked that any concerns raised be passed to them.

* The Highways Rangers Scheme, as reported last month, will commence in September. Local Councils can ask for work to be done by the Rangers and further information can be found at www.norfolk.gov.uk by clicking on Highway and Community Rangers in the A-Z.

* The External Auditor has enquired whether the Parish Council is attempting to increase reserve money.

* Northwold Sports & Social Club has requested a second meeting with Northwold Parish Council to discuss issues relating to the Draft Agreement for hire of the pavilion building on Northwold Recreation Ground. September 28th was set as a provisional date for the meeting.

5.3 Manor House Update

Manor House has been inspected by the Borough Council Conservation Officer and it is hoped a report will be forthcoming. The Borough Council is said to want to compulsory purchase the property.

5.4 It was suggested the A134 crossroads should remain as an agenda item at each Parish Council meeting.


* A member of the public raised concern that the Parish Council could be seen as approving the breaking of the law as a retrospective planning application had been supported.

* The dyke along Ingams Lane is not maintained and therefore flooding results. There appears to be uncertainty as to who owns the dyke.

* Youngsters have been seen riding illegal motorbikes in the village. It was reported that only three Police are stationed at Downham Market and comment was made that the village only has a Police presence when something happens.

* A smell was reported as coming from the sewer along Common Drove. The Parish Council was asked if main sewerage for Northwold should be investigated.

* It was stated that drains in the parish are not cleared out and grups are no longer dug out along the Methwold Road so water lays on the road.

* Mr. Jenkinson has been approached by the planning authority regarding obtaining planning permission to rebuild his wall along the A134.

* The Highway Engineer is to look at drainage by the Old Garage, 33 West End.

* A request was made for the Parish Council to investigate why the post box has not been re-erected in Little London.

6. The following payments were agreed:

Clerk's salary (August) £97.20

MHB - street light maintenance £50.14

CGM - grounds maintenance £290.00

E.on - street light electric £293.96

Village Hall £10.00

BCKLWN £136.25

Councillors were presented with an internal statement of accounts and budget update. With payments for August deducted, the Parish Council current account will stand at £13184.84.

7. Correspondence

7.1 In January this year Norfolk County Council agreed a policy for part night lighting in some streets in Norfolk - lights will be turned off between midnight and 5am. Work will begin in parishes in January 2011. In Northwold only Normandy Close will affected as all other lights are the responsibility of the Parish Council not Norfolk County Council.

7.2 NALC AGM to be held at Narborough on September 11th.

7.3 Council Tax Referendum and other e-mails sent by NALC passed to Councillors for comment.

7.4 Green Buildings in Norfolk - Open Days 2010.

7.5 Norfolk Police Authority's Local Policing Plan Summary 2010.

7.6 NPFA - The Playing Field.

7.7 Kings Lynn and West Norfolk Local Development Framework - Core Strategy Focused Changes to Proposed Submission Document. Representations can be made on-line from 01/09/10 to 12/10/10 at; http://west-norfolk-consult.limehouse.co.uk/portal. It was noted that Northwold has been linked to Methwold to create a joint 'Key Rural Service Centre'.

7.8 Norfolk RCC Signpost.

8. Planning

8.1 Social Housing Update

Nothing further has been heard from the Housing Association but the Borough Council has confirmed that need remains unchanged for a maximum of eight housing units. The next step is to invite landowners to submit potential development sites.

Notices of Applications:

8.2 Proposed single storey link from existing dwelling and conversion of garage to form annexe at Derwent House, Old Methwold Road, Whittington 10/01472/F

No Observations

8.3 Extension of time for the implementation of planning permission 07/02109/F at land rear of 62-64 West End, Northwold 10/01380/EXF


8.4 Extension of time for the implementation of planning permission 07/0283/F: two storey extension to dwelling and construction of detached double garage at Ferndale 62 West End, Northwold 10/01378/EXF


9. Adoption of the procedure for dealing with notifications of complaints received from the Monitoring Officer will be an agenda item at the October Parish Council meeting when Councillors will have been provided with copies of the documentation.

10. Further reports/items for the next agenda

10.1 Flooding often occurs at Norman Drive, Whittington due to a blocked drain.

10.2 The salt bin in the Village Hall car park is split. Replacement will be considered at the October Parish Council meeting along with possible provision of salt bins for Whittington.

10.3 A large branch has fallen off a tree onto the football nets at Whittington Playing Field. A risk assessment of the trees may be needed. It was reported bonfires are lit in the vicinity and the Parish Council will ask residents not to light fires on the Playing Field.

10.4 The sign for Whittington Play Area is still in the hedge.

10.5 The Safer Neighbourhood Team will be contacted to request the results of recent traffic calming surveys undertaken on the A134.

10.6 A Friday supplement is now included in the Eastern Daily Press featuring happenings in the West and Fens. It was suggested news From Northwold could be submitted.

Parish Clerk

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