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November 2010

Chris reports on the highly successful Musical Miscelleny

St Andrew's Church enjoyed a rich pageant of talented musicians, instrumental and vocal for two hours on Friday 15th October.

Contributions came from near and far, from young and old. We enjoyed keyboard, woodwind, guitar and viola. Humour and empathy interlaced our evening as each stepped up to contribute their best party-pieces to the tapestry.

Those who delighted each other were:- Joshua Emery (Flute); Bronwen Brewer (piano); Ruth Marsters (poetry),;Frazer Reich (acoustic guitar);Galen Reich (viola); Franz Reinbold (humourous poem); Tilly Reinbold (Vocal solo); Sophie Rose-Land (violin and descant recorder solos);Elspeth Straffon-Lawrence (clarinet solos); Peter Thirlwell (family poem); Freddie Hohnsbein (piano solos);Chris Page (electric guitar and vocals);John Sullivan (poetry reading); Chris Young (organ, piano and clarinet).

Last we should mention Christine Dean who came all the way from Heacham with her car loaded with handbells, which she takes round to all sorts of people - schools, old peoples homes, W.I. groups - if fact anyone who shows an interest. Equipped with many large charts on which she has transcribed popular tunes, seasonal hymns and carols, she invited those present to come and take part, Guiding us through with her pointing stick, she produced beautiful music. It was lovely - but not nearly enough for many of us, itching to do more. perhaps we shall be able to arrange a workshop day some time in the new year,

when we can spend time refining and enjoying more of this gentle, enchanting sound.

So a full two hours of lovely music and poetry, spent in the company of lovely people: A very big thank you to all of them, those who came to listen and in the process support our fundraising for historic St Andrew's Church."

Chris Young

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