River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter from Harrogate

November 2010

Celia writes to thank us for the copy of the Pump and to express her pleasure that the new owners of Virginia Cottage are settling in well.

Hello Ray!

Yes, it's quite early, but I'm determined to mail you before we set off on our hols in about an hour. Many thanks for posting the VP and letters. I didn't realise I'd managed to catch the September issue.

Your 'reply' at the end of our letter was so thoughtful, and we will keep you posted as to any adventures we may have.

Bobbie's back in Grenoble safe and sound, but very tired after such a long journey, starting at 7am in GB and arriving about 11pm, but she's had a super time.

Good to 'hear' the new owners of Virginia Cottage are settling in; every day I think about the cottage and what's being done to it. Probably all the things Tim and I would have done had we bought it.

Must fly now, enjoy this lovely weather and take care of yourself.

Love, Celia

Celia Hawes

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