River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter from Boy Bryant

November 2010

Boy Bryant writes in Norfolk dialect for our amusement

So yew ar awant'n a few wuds for yer paiper; wel hair y'go.

Suma th auld squit oi have sin print'd in yer paper yew'd heta b a bit sorta sorft. Suf'n lyk th council prait'n on 'bout put'n th strit lites orf a't 12 'n saiv'n a few copers.

Thars jist the saim as this hair twad'l thas go'n un bout the NDR. If thart taik s'long t think about as the South bypass in about twenta yare tyme p'raps we mytew see suf'n, caus it'l taik twise as long to maik half a rood.

Wel I'll b agorn t'gether; Oy hev a rowa sputs ta hull up!

Boy Bryant

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