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November 2010

Update of Boughton events for November

Boughton Community Project Update October 2010

The chairs have arrived! We now have 60 lovely new chairs in the church and we thank everyone who has kindly sponsored one or more chairs to assist with their purchase. We still have some sponsorships available, and forms can be obtained from the Churchwardens.

Moving on to the re-modelling works in the church, we can report that by the time you read this the tenders for the work, which were issued in September, would have been returned and we should be well on the way to choosing our builder. Once we have secured further grant funds work should be able to progress.

Now that we have the chairs and pew removal continues, we have a much more flexible space for use in the community whilst we seek to complete the work. Please consider the community church space for your events in order that we can start to develop regular events and secure some income to assist with the running costs.

Boughton Community Project - All Saints Church

Boughton Village Caravan go to the Grid

On the morning of September 25th a small but select group of intrepid drivers set off for Red Lodge to try our hands at Go-Karting.

Once signed in, we were told to select overalls. Lots of choice in sizes here - large or extra large. Those of you who know us (Messrs Fisher, Ovel and Pogmore) will understand that small or medium would have been more appropriate. Then the briefing ; to summarise - Go on the green flag and Stop on the chequered flag.

We were then shown to our karts, along with about twenty others, most of whom were on a trip from Center Parcs. Practice laps started - we all did our best to work out how the karts went through the bends and down the straights. It was clear that some of the Center Parcs people had done this before - they knew the bends! All the karts were then lined up together on the grid in Grand Prix style, based on our qualifying times.

Down went the flag and the karts raced off for the first corner, a bit like going though the South Gates at Lynn, but at ten times the speed with your backside only inches from the ground. We all seemed to get faster as the race progressed and we became familiar with the karts. All of a sudden there was a bump and I was facing the wrong way as someone tried to push inside me. Foot hard down and spin round to catch up, squeeze through the inside and make up some places, while other people are trying to do the same thing.

It was really exciting stuff, but before you knew it the chequered flag was out and you pull into the pit lane next time round, having completed a thirty lap race. Without wishing to appear too chauvinistic, it was a bit worrying to discover that some of the better drivers were women.

On the way home all the talk was how we could have been faster through that bend, quicker on the straight, but we had all enjoyed a really great morning. Next time, perhaps you might like to come and join us at the BVC Grand Prix.

Many thanks to Kevin Fisher for organising this for us.

Mark Pogmore

Remembrance in Boughton

You are warmly invited to join the congregation at All Saints' for Remembrance Sunday at 6pm. The service will include a rededication of the war memorial which has been recently cleaned and reinscribed by kind donations. We invite all servicemen, ex servicemen and families to join us in this service led by our new vicar, Rev B Burton and to join us for refreshments afterwards. We will be outside for part of the service.

All Saints' Church


Pews for sale

Victorian pine, 10 ft long

As seen


If interested please contact Moira 01366 500955

Pam Wakeling

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