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West Dereham Parish Council - September

October 2010




Present: Mrs Claire Cann - Chairman, Mrs Doreen Berry, Mr Barry Glover, Mrs Ruth Marsters, Mr. Paddy Murfitt, Ms Alison Richardson.

4 members of the public


Prior to the Parish Council meeting the annual allotment inspection had taken place. Mrs Claire Cann, Mr Paddy Murfitt, Mr Richard French (Allotment Liaison Officer) and the Clerk met at the allotments. One allotment holder was also present. One allotment was very overgrown and needed clearing. It was proposed the tenant would not be offered renewal of the tenancy of the plot. A second allotment holder rarely uses his plot which was virtually bare; since there is currently a waiting list it was suggested that no renewal should be offered to this tenant either.

A suggestion was made that the allotment adjacent to the entrance drive could be grassed over as the conifer hedge at the neighbouring property is not letting sufficient light reach the plot.

The Clerk has written to the property owner twice concerning hedge cutting and will now approach the Borough Council.

Provision of rabbit proof fencing was discussed and it will be checked whether bonfires are permitted on the allotments.

Renovation of the Village Hall

The builder contracted to undertake the planned work at West Dereham Village Hall had been invited to address the Council prior to the meeting:

Mr Robin Constable informed those present that his firm was a family run business which has been working in the local area for forty years. He commented that the job at the hall is fairly straightforward with no complications envisaged. A Construction Design Management Co-ordinator has been engaged as is legally required and Graeme Presley has been appointed Project Manager to liaise on a day to day basis with Mr. Constable. It is planned weekly meetings will be held between them and members of the Village Hall Committee.

It is planned work will start in December but this does depend on whether grants have been obtained. £15000 has already been awarded by Norfolk County Council.

A query was raised regarding the planned flat roof and long this may be serviceable. The roof will be of fibre glass and is guaranteed for 25 years. The maintenance of the whole building should be minimal.

As a result of surveys already carried out there are thought to be minimal risks associated with the new build but unforeseen things can happen and the Hall Management Committee does have a contingency fund.

1. Apologies for Absence accepted from:

Mr. Russell Drew

2. No Declarations of Interest made.

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 05/08/10 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters arising from previous meetings

4.1 Allotment tenancy update

For reasons of confidentiality it was decided this agenda item should be moved to the end of the meeting to be discussed once a resolution to exclude the public had been agreed.

4.3 Police Surgeries update

Dates for future Police surgeries to be held in West Dereham have not been forthcoming. PSCO Sara Green will be contacted as it appears the Police are making little effort to arrange any dates.

The Chairman said that the village PCSO had reported that a concerned parishioner had advised the Police that youths were riding motorbikes on a public footpath. This resulted in two youths being issued with Section 59 warnings which cover them and/or their vehicles for twelve months. Failure to comply with this warning can result in the vehicle being seized and potentially destroyed. All parties involved are being issued with Anti-Social Behaviour Intervention Letters. This information was included in the August village newssheet. A flyer regarding the new Homewatch Scheme will be delivered in September.

Via an e-mail from the Police those present were advised to ensure property is secure as copper cable had recently been stolen from Fincham.

5. Reports:

5.1 Chairman's Report:

* The Chairman has purchased bulbs for the planters and help to plant them was offered.

5.2 Clerk's Report:

* The hedge by No. 1 Church Road, reported as overgrown at the August meeting, has been cut back. The Highway Engineer has confirmed that hedges which border a highway are the responsibility of the landowner.

5.3 Village Hall Report:

* Two successful events have been organised during the past month by the fund raising sub-committee; a bingo and a 40's evening.

* A pre application for a grant from Reaching Communities was turned down but another application has been submitted on different lines.

* Norfolk County Council, through The Norfolk Rural Community Council, has granted the building project £15,000. The augers well for the Borough Council grant.

* Through the Norfolk Community Foundation the Village Hall group has been invited to apply for a "Comic Relief" grant for up to £10,000 to provide furnishings for the hall.

5.4 Glazewing Report:

The monthly report from Glazewing had not been received prior to the meeting.

6. Preparation for 2011 Parish Council elections

The Chairman again emphasised the importance of Councillors providing information about themselves in the run up to the elections if they are asking the public to vote for them. Anyone in the village will be encouraged to stand for election and all will be given the opportunity to state what they can do for the village and what they can bring to the Parish Council. The chairman will provide a flyer explaining the Parish Council elections to be held in May 2011.

There is a need to encourage people to become Councillors and the Council should be prepared to pay for training for new Councillors.

7. Accounts: Financial position update

7.1 Agreement made to issue the following payments:

Clerk's salary (August) £186.20

CGM (grass cutting) £116.82

Clerk's attendance fee (1/5th) for Nalc/SLCC Summer Conference plus travelling expenses £22.00

The Parish Council current account will stand at £6825.31 once the above payments have been made and the reserve account holds £1610.85.

7.2 Parish Council Asset Register

A Parish Council Asset register is being compiled. Councillors were asked for further information regarding any Parish Council assets.

7.3 Council Tax Referendum

The Government plans to make local government more responsive to the people for the amount of council tax payable through providing local referendums to veto excessive council tax, instead of using the previous capping mechanisms. Local Referendums to Veto Excessive Council tax Increases was published on July 30th 2010 and is one of the most important consultations for local councils as it potentially directly impacts on the historic freedom for local councils to set their own spending framework. The consultation can be found at www.communities.gov.uk.

The Chairman observed that in the run up to setting the precept in December, West Dereham Parish Council leaflets every household in the village for four consecutive months asking for comments and views on what the precept should be so that local people are closely involved. An explanation leaflet is also distributed to each home outlining what the precept is, how the money is spent and how the amount requested compares with other local villages.

It was suggested links to such consultations should be added to the Parish Council website.

7.4 2011 Precept request and possible employment of a village handyperson.

It was reported that two other local Councils employ village handymen to undertake odd jobs around the village that do not fall within the remit of the Borough or County Council (hourly rate £6.40). Much discussion ensued regarding whether such a person should be employed in West Dereham or if villagers should be encouraged to look after the village themselves. It was felt the cost of employing a handyman could be too great and this suggestion would currently be on a wish list.

Other suggestions for village improvement included the possible provision of play equipment and the re-grassing of the goal mouths at the Playing Field. It was noted that the Village Trust does hold money for possible play equipment to be provided for young children. Other expenses for future consideration included rabbit proof fencing at the allotments.

8. Correspondence:

8.1 NorfolkALC- Norfolk Link, Coffee and a chat with Sarita Presland, Parish Liaison Officer, Oxburgh Hall Sept. 7th 2010 between 2-4pm, AGM Narborough Village Hall 11th Sept.

8.2 Safer Neighbourhood Area Panel (SNAP) meeting dates - notice to display

8.3 Notification received from Norfolk County Council regarding representations made by West Dereham Parish Council relating to the Core Strategy and Minerals and Waste Development Management Policies Development Plan Document.

8.4 An update from the Standards Committee - Parish and Town Councils are recommended to adopt a procedure for dealing with notifications they receive from the Monitoring Officer that a complaint has been made against one of their Members. To be an agenda item for the October Parish Council meeting.

8.5 NPFA - The Playing field Newsletter

8.6 Ideas requested for submission to BigSociety@communities.gsi.gov.uk

8.7 Message received about the Highways Rangers service being introduced from October 2010. To be an agenda item for the October Parish Council meeting.

8.8 Kings Lynn and West Norfolk Local Development Framework - Core Strategy Focused changes to Proposed Submission Document (no changes directly affect West Dereham).

8.9 Norfolk Police Authority's Local Policing Plan Summary 2010.

9. Planning applications notification of Decision

Extension to dwelling at Moyuen Cottage, The Row, West Dereham 10/01139/F has been refused.

10. No Further Reports made.


* It was asked if anything further had been heard regarding the provision of Broadband for West Dereham. The clerk will investigate.

* It was reported that the drains at the Basil Road end of Hilgay Road need servicing as they are blocked.

* It was noted that footpath signs are missing by Watering Cottages.

Resolution to exclude the public to consider tenders for allotment land

Resolution to exclude the public to consider tenders for allotment land:

Discussion took place regarding the entitlements on the land offered for tender. It is believed no entitlements can be offered with the land and professional advice has been received regarding this.

The Parish Council wishes to optimize the income from the Allotment Land and thus it was agreed to accept the highest offer received (of £1576 pa) for rent of the land. It was agreed to engage a land agent to proceed with compiling a Farm Business Tenancy Agreement with the new tenant.

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Parish Clerk

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