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West Dereham Parish Council - August

October 2010




Present: Mrs Claire Cann - Chairman, Mrs Doreen Berry, Mr. Russell Drew, Mr Barry Glover, Mrs Ruth Marsters, Mr. Paddy Murfitt

8 members of the public

PCSO Sara Green

The Safer Neighbourhood Team has been asked to hold Police Surgeries prior to each monthly Parish Council meeting. This will be possible when, Sara Green, who is the new PCSO for West Dereham, is on the corresponding shift and possibly at other times also. Sara was present before the start of the Parish Council meeting to answer questions raised by parishioners and she also addressed the meeting. The Chairman stressed the importance of a regular Police presence in the village particularly given the sizeable proportion of parishioners Council tax which funds the Police.

Residents are concerned at the number of incidents of anti-social in the village in the past few weeks. An assault in the village resulted in an arrest being made and graffiti and other anti-social behaviour incidents are being investigated.

The public are advised to inform the Police of any suspicious incidents or matters that are causing alarm, distress or concern. If a crime is taking place the number to ring is 999 but to report non emergencies Norfolk Police should be contacted on 0845 456 4567 or via the Police website. Sara stressed it is important that people phone the Police as they rely strongly on information from the general public. The Police cannot act on third party information but will note any information received. Therefore, it is better if residents contact the Police direct but the Parish Council is more than prepared to pass information to the Police. It was stressed the Police will not visit anyone supplying information unless specifically requested to do so, nor will they divulge the names of the members of the public who report incidents.

1. Apologies for Absence accepted from:

Ms Alison Richardson.

2. No Declarations of Interest made.

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 01/07/10 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters arising from previous meetings

4.1 Allotment land update

Uncertainty remains regarding aspects of any new tenancy agreement for the allotment land at Hilgay Road, West Dereham, which is due to commence on October 11th 2010. Informal advice has been gratefully received but the Parish Council wishes to understand all clauses in any lease and therefore it was agreed to seek professional advice. A quote of around £100 has been received to draw up a farm tenancy agreement and it was agreed by all to engage Cruso & Wilkin to undertake this work. The Parish Council has a responsibility to maximise income by obtaining the best price possible for the allotment land and thus the tenancy may not necessarily be offered to a resident of West Dereham. Two tenders for lease of the land have been received but have not yet been opened.

4.2 Maintenance of the bus shelter.

A specification of work needed on the village bus shelter was compiled and sent to local builders. Two quotes have been received and it was agreed to accept the lower of the two quotes.

4.3 Police Surgeries

As noted above dates will be set for future surgeries. Once known dates will be published in future minutes, put on the Parish Council website and delivered to each household in the parish.

4.4 Footpath No.10

It was reported that Footpath No. 10 has now been cut as requested. The Chairman is investigating laws relating to the responsibility for footpath maintenance and she will find out who holds what powers and duties and what responsibility the landowner may have.

The meeting was briefly suspended at 8.05 for the owner of No. 1 Church Road to speak. Following complaints about the hedge at this property overgrowing the footpath the Parish Council requested that the hedge should be trimmed back. The owner acknowledged that the hedge is cut in the autumn each year but there is come contention as to who should be responsible for this. The Highway Department filled in a ditch to create the footpath and thus the hedge previously overhung a ditch and not a footpath. The Clerk will investigate this matter further.

5. Reports:

5.1 Chairman's Report:

* The Chairman, Ruth Marsters and the Clerk attended the Norfolk Association of Local Councils Summer Conference held in Norwich on July 13th. Presentations were given by a representative from Mazars, the external auditors, and Justin Griggs from NALC who talked about the 2011 Parish Council elections.

* The Chairman and Clerk attended a seminar on August 4th informing Parish Councils of the Highway Rangers Scheme. This initiative has been piloted by Norfolk County Council in other parts of the County and is to be extended to West Norfolk in the autumn. Rangers will visit parishes approximately every fourteen weeks to undertake work such as footpath clearing, digging out gulleys and minor highway maintenance.

It was suggested a request should be made to cut back the grass along the footpath between the Village Hall and the Old School.

It is also possible the Parish Council could take on the cutting of verges in the parish and Norfolk County Council will be approached for further information regarding this.

* Frimstone has started work to create bunds at the new mineral extraction site at Crimplesham. The bunds will be planted in the autumn and extraction is due to commence in early 2011 depending on market conditions.

* The Parish Council wrote to Norfolk County Council regarding the re- inclusion of mineral extraction site 114 in the Core Strategy and Minerals and Waste Development Management Policies Development Plan Document. The Parish Council does not feel the reduction in the size of the site alters the reasons why Norfolk County Council felt that the site was unacceptable.

The County Councils assessment of the site remains as stated in the Minerals Site Allocations Further Issues and Options document. Consultation of this document took place in 2009 and the next stage of consultation, expected in early 2011, regards the Mineral Site Specific Allocations. Completion of this document has been delayed as a result of the need to review the Core Strategy and Waste Development Management Policies DPD following revocation by the government of the Regional Spatial Strategy.

Until the consultation on sites in 2011, the list of minerals sites and the County Council's conclusions on them will remain unchanged. Whilst MIN114 is concluded to be "unacceptable" it is not possible to remove a site from the process. It could only be removed by the proposer of the site, who notwithstanding its current "unacceptable" status, may wish it to continue to be considered.

5.2 Clerk's Report:

* Weeting Parish Council has arranged training for Councillors to take place at Weeting Village Hall on August 11th at 7.00pm. The Chairman and Ruth Marsters will attend.

* Mrs Lambert, a parishioner of West Dereham, has offered a donation of £30.00 to replace the plants stolen from the recently installed containers along Church Road. The Parish Council expressed gratitude for Mrs Lambert's generosity and was pleased to accept her kind offer.

5.3 Village Hall Report:

* Grant applications for work on the Village Hall are being submitted and if all grants are successful £120000 will be raised. It is possible £15000 will be granted by both the Borough Council and Norfolk County Council.

* The builder who is contracted to undertake the work at the Village Hall has offered to address the September meeting of the Parish Council.

* A Construction Design and Management Co-ordinator, required by law, has been engaged to oversee Health & Safety matters during building work at the Hall.

* No bookings for the hall are being taken after the end of October but the hall will continue to be available for regular users until work starts later in the year.

* Pam Bullas was thanked for the work she has undertaken putting required policies (such as Child Protection and Equality) in place and for acting as minutes secretary for the sub-group of the Village Hall Management Committee.

* The Village Hall Management Committee is obliged to register as a Charity with the Charity Commission and an application is to be made.

5.4 Glazewing Report:

The monthly report from Glazewing was distributed to Councillors and members of the public present at the meeting.

* It was noted that Glazewing has received confirmation that the Certificate of Lawful Use has been approved to regularise the storage of rollon bins and skips along the west side of Station Road. The Parish Council will ask how the bins are to be screened. Landscaping of the area to satisfy Parish Council concerns had been discussed at the meeting held with Glazewing representatives in 2009.

* Concerns are still being voiced regarding the speed of vehicles which travel along Station Road.

6. It was decided the annual inspection of the allotments will be undertaken at 6.30pm on September 2nd prior to the Parish Council meeting.

7. Preparation for 2011 Parish Council elections

Parish Council elections will be held in May 2011. Councillors were elected unopposed in 2007 and the 2011 election will be advertised well in advance to encourage participation. The Chairman will add a piece to the monthly leaflet drop about being a Councillor and present Councillors were asked to provide a biography for publication. The Chairman emphasised the importance of Councillors providing information about themselves if they are asking the public to vote for them. The election will be an agenda item for future Parish Council meetings.

The date for the 2011 Annual Parish Meeting was set for April 28th.

8. Accounts: Financial position update

8.1 Councillors were presented with an updated expenditure and income list. The Parish Council current account stood at £8185.14 on July 19th, with agreement made to issue the following payments:

Clerk's salary (July) £175.78

EFS (printing) £22.00

CGM (grass cutting) £116.82

MHS (printing) £44.94


SLCC (allotment law book) £17.20

The Parish Council reserve account stands at £1610.85

8.2 Parish Council Asset Register

A Parish Council Asset register needs to be compiled and consideration will be given to registration of land owned by the Parish Council. Allowance for this will need to be included in the precept for 2011.

For the Parish Council to apply for Quality Council status an annual report would need to be published and this should include an asset register.

9. Correspondence:

9.1 NorfolkALC- Coffee and a chat with Sarita Presland, Parish Liaison Officer, Oxburgh Hall Sept. 7th 2010 between 2-4pm.

9.2 Safer Neighbourhood Area Panel (SNAP) meeting dates - notice to display

9.3 BCKLWN Special Council meeting agenda 12/08/10

9.4 Notice regarding Council Tax referendum consultation - www.communities.gov.uk

10. Planning applications received for consultation

10.1 Extension to dwelling at Moyuen Cottage, The Row, West Dereham 10/01139/F


11. Further Reports/items for the next agenda:

11.1 To consider precept request 2011 and possible engagement of a village handyman.

11.2 To consider Council Tax Referendum consultation

11.3 It was noted that some areas in West Dereham Churchyard do not appear as well kept as others. This matter will be passed to the Parochial Church Council.


* The Passing Place sign opposite Abbey Lodge in Station Road needs to be reinstated.

* Protector posts along Station Road need to be reinstated.

* It was reported that Station Road is crumbling by the Chequers and by Abbey View. Tarmac along Station Road appears to be stickier in hot weather than tarmac elsewhere.

* A request was made to ask Highways how much money has been spent in the last financial year on maintenance of Station Road and College Road. It is felt not so much work is undertaken along Station Road as along College Road.

* Complaints have been made to Environmental Health regarding dogs barking in the area of Fourjays, Hilgay Road.

* A letter from the new village Home Watch Co-ordinator, Paula Kellingray, will be distributed in the village. Paula can be contacted on 01366 500256 or in an emergency on 07866 643576. A meeting for anyone interested in finding out more about Home Watch is to be held on Wednesday 8th September at West Dereham Village Hall.

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