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October 2010

Rge report on West Dereham Heritage Group for August

August is always a quiet month for our group with many away on holiday but the Bar-B-Q organized by Liz & Paddy Murfitt was well attended with 20 or so members present.

Thursday the 19th started off as a very warm sunny day but by late evening rain came and continued until after dark, however this did not dampen spirits. Members were provided with adequate shelter and seating so a very cosy atmosphere prevailed in spite of the weather.

The food was excellent and well cooked by Paddys' son with ample portions to satisfy the largest of appetites. Two large Cherry cakes, chocolate and plain along with a large apple pie baked that day by Phyllis all accompanied with fresh cream were an excellent finish to a very pleasant evening. Members brought along their own drinks along with a fruit punch provide by our hosts.

Before people started to head for home a vote of thanks was given by our Chairman Jack Walker to Paddy and Liz for allowing the use of their home and garden.

Members were able to discuss a list of proposed events for next year and make any suggestions of their own from a list drawn up by the Secretary Pam Walker.

Work on the restoration of the Porch and Nave windows of St. Andrews Church is well under way and some members have been up to look at the progress. The Stonemason in charge is a very helpful person and is pleased to see Villagers taking an interest in the work and welcomes visitors.

We as a group have been fortunate in obtaining some of the old stone work taken out of the windows which we intend to preserve in some way. Most of it has decayed so much that it is of little use unless you have a drive or roadway you want to make up with some hardcore. Some, however is worth keeping and we have the complete top of an arch which although in cut out pieces it can be re-assembled. It is hoped to be able to use this in some way in the future but no final plan has yet been formulated.

These windows were not so old as was thought, 14th century, they are actually less than 300 years. This has been verified by the Stonemasons as they were made of "clunch" which is a type of chalk stone that was probably quarried within 100 miles of here.

To conclude, on behalf of the Group, to thank the people who keep the Churchyard and cemetery in such good order. When I think of what is was like some years ago, over grown and uncared for it is a pleasure to look at these days. I don't know who you unsung heroes are but I thank you most sincerely for all the time and effort you put into keeping the area so beautiful..

Richard C. French

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