River Wissey Lovell Fuller

The Diary of Emerald Green

October 2010

Emerald gets embroilded in some naughty activity at school!

Let me just tell you it wasn't my fault, I know that's what everyone says but I'm serious. We were in room 4 and it was break, by "we" I mean Beth, Amy, Becky and Holly. When we saw the keys I didn't have a clue what was going on, I thought they might hide them, just to wind to teacher up.

Mr Thyme, my history teacher, he isn't a great teacher he likes to make you stand up in front of everyone to read out hard historical books, he likes to correct you when you get words wrong. Sometimes when you fail to get words wrong he will, make you keep reading on and on till you do.

They were his car keys lying on his desk. Becky the bad one of the crew thought up an idea, the girls wanted to test me. In the hardest way they could to make sure I was defiantly one of them. They told me what they wanted me to do with the keys; I didn't want to do it. I really didn't but they are my "crew" and if I hadn't of done it for them, then I would no longer be part of that. They are the ones that made me feel like I meant something to the world; they taught me not to wear black and navy together. They told me how to get away with wearing red lipstick and what with; they were the ones that helped me to tell when a guy liked me. Of course it's not that I've had much with boys though even with the crew by my side. I belonged with them, there was nothing else to it, or so I thought before anyway.

I couldn't do that though could I? I couldn't do the terrible thing they were asking me to do. I had to. I grabbed the keys off of the desk and ran around to the teacher's car park (I ran, because if I'd have walked that would have given me more time to think about it, leading me to a change of heart) At that moment I wanted to do whatever I could to stay with the crew.

I pushed the key into the lock of Mr Thyme's car and turned, all the girls climbed in, they were laughing and giggling acknowledging the mischief and trouble they were creating. I slumped myself into the driver's seat my legs suddenly feeling heavy like I'd ran miles that day. I hadn't. As I sat in the seat my stomach began to churn like at the start of a running race. I'd always think I'd win that I could outrun anyone but if I couldn't then I would treasure the amazing pleasure that running gave me. Obviously I haven't run like that in months, and I missed it, I missed Ruby. This isn't me; this isn't the Emerald I used to be. I listened to all the voices that broke through my thoughts.

"hey Em, you chickening' out?"

"We don't have chickens in our crew"

"My God whatta geek, she doesn't even know how to drive a car."

"Beth, why has this freak been hanging with us anyway?"

When Beth answered she took hold of my shoulder I thought it was to comfort me. How I got those girls so wrong. Becky opened the door behind me and Beth pushed me out the door. I didn't think to resist, I trusted these girls, and they have been my protectors for the last 3 months. 3 months doesn't seem very long, but it was long enough for them to turn me from a "disliked nobody", into an "everyone loved" sensation.

I fell from the car into a puddle so full with mud it was like I was bathing in it. The crew laughed, Beth slides over to the driver's seat, starts the engine and slams the door. Throughout this I failed to notice my foot my trapped underneath the accelerator, but as she shut the door I noticed, I screamed in agony, that only made the girls laugh harder. Then, giving me my foot back, they drive away.

When I tried to stand up, I found that my foot wouldn't even move. Luckily my scream brought out a few teachers, and they ran towards me with exasperated expressions. I could not believe what just happened, I could not even understand how the girl that just drove off were anything like the ones I been hanging out with.

The teachers took me in, they made me tell them everything, and I didn't feel like a "dobber" now they deserved everything they got.

I cannot believe they did that to me, I can't believe I trusted them. It goes to show be careful who you trust

April Lister

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