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Stoke Ferry Parish Council

October 2010

Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in The Community Centre At 7.30pm on Wednesday 8 September 2010


Those Attending: Cllr Mrs T Mann (Chairman), Cllr Mrs S Lansdell-Williams (Vice-chair), Cllr Mrs R Mendoza, Cllr M Precey, Cllr Mrs M Leamon, Cllr Mrs J Markwell, Cllr J Nicholas-Letch, Cllr D Summers, Borough Councillor C Sampson, Mrs C Hardy (Clerk), PCSO Sara Green and 9 members of the public.

Apologies: Apologies were received from County Councillor T White

Police Matters:

PCSO Green advised she did not have much to report only Trial Bikes and Off Road Bikes driving on The Common. She advised that anyone seeing these vehicles should immediately phone the police on 0845 456 4567. Any problems encountered should be reported on this number always asking for a reference number. The question of cars parking partly on footpaths, blocking passageway to wheelchairs/buggies etc was raised, again these incidents should be reported on the above number asking for someone to attend, a warning notice will then be put on the offending vehicles. The question was asked how many traffic wardens are there, PCSO Green said only three in West Norfolk. The Chairman pointed out that two incidents have been reported but do not seem to have been recorded, is this how crime numbers seem to be reduced. No more points were raised and the Chairman thanked PCSO Green for attending.

Minutes of the last Meeting: Cllr Mrs Mendoza proposed acceptance, seconded by Cllr Mrs Leamon.

Matters Arising:

a) Police Matters - A draft letter to the police had been circulated to all councillors for their approval/comment. It was agreed that this letter should now be sent.

b) Fence/Footpath near The Moorings/The Old Bull - No further information since the last meeting

c) Buckenham Drive/Parking - the Clerk had communicated with the Housing Officer at Freebridge who was going to look into this matter, but to date no response has been received. It was agreed that the Clerk should write to a more senior member of staff.

d) Limehouse Drove Bridleway at end of School Lane - Following various queries relating to footpaths and bridleways an email has been received from the footpaths officer with an explanation. Limehouse Drove was never just a bridleway it was a RUPP (Road Used as a Public Path) or specifically referred to as a CRB (Carriageway normally used as a Bridleway). This category originally introduced by legislation in 1949 was flawed because it never indicated whether rights for motorised vehicles existed or not. Subsequent legislation attempted to sort this out but had to consider evidence of use on each individual route, this would take decades to sort out. Central Government introduced measures within the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 200 to automatically reclassify all remaining RUPP's into Restricted Byways, this legislation was enacted in May 2006.

e) Concrete Posts end of Common near River Bank - still no post been erected here, the Clerk will chase this up again.

f) Potholes - Furlong Road/Drove, Wretton Road, Buckenham Drive - potholes in the village have been schedule to be repaired, but Highways are way behind with these repairs. Cllr Nicholas-Letch asked if it can be established when the remedial works to Furlong Road/Drove will be carried out also confirmation that they have been budgeted for. Cllr Precey also asked about Oxborough Road. The Clerk to write to Highways requesting this information.

g) The Cemetery - The Clerk reported that the remaining painting had still not been completed. It was agreed that a letter be sent to the Probation Service requesting them to return the cans of paint, the work will then be completed by members of the parish council. The Probation Service Evaluation Form to be completed stating works not completed but satisfied with the works that were carried out.

h) Buckenham Drive Footpath - the Clerk informed the meeting that this has now been repaired.

i) Post Office School Pick Up Point - to be monitored

j) Overgrown Tree - The Cottage Lynn Road - this has still not been cut back, it was agreed that the Clerk should contact the Borough Council to see if they were able to give a contact address for the owners.

k) Field/Footpath - Lynn Road to Buckenham Drive - the field has now been cut and the weeds on the footpath cleared.

l) Glass Bank - Cllr Mrs Markwell advised there is no financial gain by having glass banks

m) Remembrance Sunday - The Chairman asked if anyone had any suggestions, she also advised that Mrs Carol Nicholas-Letch would attend at 10.45am to say a few words/prayer. The Clerk had written to Mr Kit Hesketh-Harvey asking if he would be prepared to ring the Church Bells again, awaiting a response.

n) Spring Bulbs for Cemetery - Bulbs are being ordered, the Chairman asked Cllr Mrs Mendoza, as Governor of the School, if she will contact the school to ask if the children would like to help plant these bulbs, also if they would like to be part of the Remembrance Sunday event.

o) Footpath Wretton Road/Buckenham Drive - weeds still a problem, will be reported again

p) Caravan Boughton Road - planning have advised this is in order whilst works be carried out to existing property.

q) Post for Water Containers The Cemetery - Bonnets have very kindly erected a post with hooks and supplied water containers just inside the gates. A letter of thanks to be forwarded to them.

Winter Gritting Routes/Grit Bins:

The Clerk had obtained the winter gritting route from Highways, everyone was happy with this apart from the fact that Wretton Road is not included again. Discussion then took place relating to the provision of grit bins in various locations, the Clerk advised that from the current budget only one bin could possibly be afforded any further would have to be considered for the next financial year 2011/2012. The Clerk also advised that the cheapest bin, depending on size, was approximately £130. Highways would have to apply for a licence for the placing of grit bins.

Cllr Nicholas-Letch proposed that one bin be purchased from this year's budget to be placed in the Bradfield Place/Fairfield Road area. Seconded by Cllr Mrs Mann

This was approved by 7 votes, 1 abstention.

Cllr Nicholas-Letch also proposed that 2 further bins for Buckenham Drive, Border Road/Oak Road be considered next year. Seconded by Cllr Lansdell-Williams

Unanimously approved.

Part Night Lighting Commencing 2011:

A further letter had been received from Norfolk County Council advising that they will be commencing works in January 2011 ready for the lights to be switched off between midnight ant 5.00am. The roads affected by this are Border Road, Fairfield Road, Manor Road, Oak Road and The Moorings. The Chairman asked if any councillor would volunteer to try and speak to those residents affected to obtain their views, no volunteers came forward. Discussion took place and various suggestions were put forward, turn every other light off, or reduce the output by 50% during these hours, duty of care for residents was raised. It was felt this action was suitable for towns but not rural villages. It was agreed that a further letter be forwarded to NCC with a copy of BC Sampson. It was suggested that those residents affected should contact the Parish Council with their comments.

Village Emergency Plan:

Following a request in The Pump and on the Notice Board following the last meeting, no responses have been received from any resident(s) for a Co-ordinator and Deputy Co-ordinator. It was therefore decided that Cllr Mrs Mann would be Co-ordinator and Cllr Nicholas-Letch Deputy Co-ordinator.

Standing Orders:

Cllr Nicholas-Letch informed the meeting he had almost completed the first draft of this document, some items need completion by the Clerk. He will pass this to the Clerk following which a meeting will be arranged with the Standing Orders Working Party to discuss the document before being presented to the full Parish Council.

Youth Club Project - (Your Council Your Decision):

Cllr Leamon reported that the committee are still trying to open a Bank Account.

Greatmans Way

Following the last meeting BC Sampson had agreed to walk this footpath, he reported that he had not encountered any problems either with access or dogs loose on the footpath. Cllr Nicholas-Letch had also walked along this footpath and not encountered any problems. There had not been any reports of intimidation since the last meeting. The situation will be monitored.

A member of the public had kindly been looking into the right of way aspect of the Public Footpath/Track. There seems to be much confusion as to where Highways say Greatmans Way ends and the footpath commences, there seems to be a gap in between which is in the ownership of two other parties. The member of the public asked who makes the rules and where are the correct documents, he has forwarded a letter to various parties asking these questions. The matter will be discussed again at the next meeting when hopefully more information will be to hand. The Chairman thanked the member of the public for their help and input.

Local Development Framework - Core Strategy:

The Clerk informed the meeting that a letter had been received from the Borough Council enclosing the Proposed Submission Document - Focused Changes September 2010 in which it states - Settlement Hierarchy - Proposed Change - "Change in designation of Stoke Ferry from 'Rural Village' to 'Key Rural Service Centre'" BC Sampson advised that this should be acknowledged, perhaps suggesting that the village needs it's own doctors surgery/more services.

Annual Audit:

The Clerk informed the meeting that the Annual Audit had been completed satisfactorily. One comments from the Auditors that in future the Internal Audit should take place before the accounts are presented to the Parish Council.

Village Liaison Committee:

The Chairman advised the meeting that she would be standing down from this Committee and asked if any other parish councillor would like to take her place. Cllr Mrs Markwell said she would like to do this. The Clerk will advise Vion of the change.


Application - Alterations, extension and conversion of former barn into one dwelling at Home Farm 76 Wretton Road

Application - Residential Development comprising 18 dwellings, retirement complex comprising 8 retirement cottages and residential care home and upgrade to Lark Road - land off Wretton Road

(The Chairman informed the meeting that the Planning Working Party had discussed this application, there were several issues they wish to discuss with the Agent/Applicant prior to making any decisions, an Extraordinary Public Meeting will be held following these discussions)

Grant of Planning Permission - Extension to bungalow at Holmdene Furlong Road

Grant of Planning Permission - New building to accommodate UV Plant, sampling kiosk and ancillary works at Water Treatment Works School Lane

Refusal of Planning Permission - Construction of 13 social houses, including new village hall and 25 parking spaces and new access at land Furlong Road

Refusal of Planning Permission - Construction of one dwelling following demolition of existing garage and adjusting parking and turning area to serve new dwelling and The Old Brewery land at Oxborough Road

Application Received following publication of the Agenda

Construction of new bungalow following demolition of existing bungalow at 2 Boughton Road

Accounts for Approval

MHB Services Ltd - £65.78 - Lighting Maintenance Aug-Sept

Mazars - £158.62 - Annual Audit Fee

CGM - £146.34 - Grounds Maintenance for August

James Bradfield School - £13.14 - Hire of Hall - August

Mrs C Hardy - £317.74 - Salary and Expenses for August

Mr G King - £240.00 - Village Cleaning

J Parker Dutch Bulbs - £64.68 - Spring Bulbs for Cemetery

Statement of Account as at 8 September 2010 - Balance in Bank as at 9 August - Community Account £665.92, Business Saver Account £14168.41. £4625.00 is allocated for the Youth Club Project.

Cllr Mrs Mendoza proposed approval for payment seconded by Cllr Mrs Leamon


W Emerson & Son - New Memorial - David Arthur Cater - approved

W Emerson & Son - Additional Inscription - Gladys Winifred Hills - approved

Norfolk Police - notifying burglary at The Blue Bell and theft of copper cable at Fincham

Norfolk Police - Dates and Times for the forthcoming SNAP Meetings at Watlington

E-on - notification of increase in tariff charges - Clerk to investigate cheaper prices

NALC - Concessionary Bus Travel Consultation - administration transferred to the County Council in 2011

Natural England - New Guidance on Assessing Land for Designation as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Norfolk County Council - advising planning applications to become electronic

Councillors Other Business:

Cllr Mrs Mendoza - Light near Post Office on all day

Public Other Business

Street Lighting - why not reduce output to 50% during night

Forms relating to Greatmans Way - not sure if they are correct ones

Lark Road - when will Extraordinary Meeting be held - the Chairman advised seven days notice will be given, residents not happy with application

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.35pm

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 13 October commencing at 7.30pm.

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Parish Clerk

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