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October 2010



Present: Mrs R Crisp, Mrs V Lynch, Miss A Muir, Mr M Roberts, Mrs T Waller, Mrs S Leet, Mr D George

2 members of the public

PCSO's Claire Law and Sara Clipperton attended the start of the meeting. They asked for members of the public to let them know if there are any problems with young people gathering at the Playing Field and leaving broken glass around as occurred last summer.

The SAM (speed awareness message) signs have been sited at Whittington Hill recently and the statistics will be sent to the Clerk. The Safety Camera Vehicle has also been deployed along the A134 but with cut backs expected plans are not being made as to where the Safety Camera Partnership may operate in future.

It was noted young children are often told by the Police to cycle on pavements as it is deemed safer for them. There have been concerns voiced in other parishes recently that young people riding on the pavement present a hazard for those on foot. Youngsters are expected to be sensible and give way to other footpath users.

1. Apologies for absence

Mr J Norris, Mr M Peake, Mr M Wells.

2. No Declarations of Interest made.

3. The minutes of the meeting held on 06/07/10 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters arising from previous meetings

* The grass cutting contractors have been contacted regarding cutting Water Lane, Whittington. The Clerk has a cutting schedule and the lane has been cut once this season. It is due to be cut again at the end of the month. Councillors will monitor cutting and report to the Clerk if the lane is not cut.

* Norfolk County Council Rights of Way Officer David Mills has been notified regarding the erosion of the footpath by the river in Common Drove. The Chairman has also met Alan Daniels from the Environment agency on site. He has agreed to repair the footpath and bridge.

* The tenant of the Chalk Pit to has indicated he would be willing to repair the fence in lieu of two years rent. It was agreed a bill equivalent to two years rent should be sent to the driver of the car who damaged the fence.

* Mr. Roberts has fitted one water meter at Northwold Playing Field and is hopeful a second will be installed within a fortnight. The clubs who use water at the site will then need to make arrangements for payment of the water bills. The Sports & Social Club, Bowls Club and Cricket Club will all be informed of the installation of the meters. The Parish Council has recently received a bill from Anglianwater for £111.40 for the period 14/04/10 to 02/07/10.

* Litter bins in the parish are currently emptied by the Borough Council. No further bins are likely to be emptied without a charge being incurred and thus this matter may need consideration in future budget planning.

* It was agreed the area in the Cemetery for cremated remains needs to be expanded. Mr. P Bowers offered to look into this.

* An e-mail has been received from Jon Barnard, Highway Engineer, regarding the A134 crossroads at Northwold. The wall being built at the crossroads has been reported to building control as planning permission is required for any wall over 1 meter in height.

Norfolk County Council has looked into the history of this location and an improvement scheme was identified and vehicle activated signs, which are currently set to flash when the approaching vehicle is travelling in excess of 45mph, were installed. Since this work was carried out there has been a vast reduction in reported accidents at this location. Recently a slight increase has been noted in incident rates and a further safety improvement scheme has been identified, which hopefully will be carried out in the next financial year. This will involve some junction realignment to Northwold Road. It was suggested this matter should remain an agenda item for future Parish Council meetings.

4.1 Councillors have been invited to attend training to be led by Sue Lake (Norfolk Association of Local Councils Training Officer) at Weeting Village Hall on August 11th @ 7pm. It was agreed Councillors will pay the £5.50 attendance fee themselves as provision has not been made for this in the budget.

5. Reports

5.1 Chairman's Report

* Planning applications for the expansion of the existing free range unit at Chalkpit Field, Thetford Road, Northwold have been withdrawn. There are concerns with highway issues and plans will be resubmitted if problems identified can be alleviated.

* Two large pot holes in Pinfold Lane have been repaired but others remain that are also in need of repair.

* Display boards showing Rights of Way can be obtained from Norfolk County Council but there is a substantial cost and the Council has not budgeted for this. Such items could be considered when the 2011/12 precept is set.

* The Chairman and Mrs Lynch judged the Parish Project competition at the Primary School. Book prizes donated by the Parish Council were awarded.

5.2 Clerk's Report

* The Clerk attended the Norfolk Association of Local Councils/Society of Local Council Clerks Summer Conference held in Norwich on July 13th. Presentations were given on employment matters, the audit and Standing Orders.

* The Clerk is to attend a meeting informing parishes of the Highways Rangers Scheme. Rangers visit parishes at approximately fourteen week intervals and undertake general highway maintenance work as requested. The scheme has been piloted in other areas and is now to be extended to West Norfolk.

* A poster advertising the Southern Area Road Safety Committee meetings has been placed in the notice board outside the Village Hall.

* A draft tenancy agreement has been sent to the Sports & Social Club and agreements have also been posted to the hirers of the Old Chalk Pit, Northwold and the Constables Charity Land at Stoke Ferry.

* The Garden Allotment will be advertised as vacant. The plot is approximately 60meters by 30meters and due to the large size it may be offered for hire in smaller lots.

5.3 Manor House Update

Mr. M Peake has spoken to Pam Lynn, Borough Council Conservation Officer, concerning Manor House. She has stated that the property is due to be inspected. It was reported that the garden wall is showing signs of cracking.


6. The following payments were agreed:

Clerk's salary (July) £103.76

Anglianwater (cemetery) £37.94

Anglianwater (Playing Field) £111.40

Parish Project book prizes £15.45

MHB - street light maintenance £50.14

CGM - grounds maintenance £290.00

E.on - street light electric £146.98

Village Hall £10.00

Councillors were presented with an internal statement of accounts and budget update. With payments for June deducted, the Parish Council current account will stand at £13696.60.

7. Correspondence

7.1 Home Fire Risk Checks - Home.Safety@fire.norfolk.gov.uk - the Fire Service is keen to request visits to more at risk groups including the elderly and disabled.

7.2 Update from the Standards Committee - procedure for dealing with notifications received from the Monitoring Officer that a complaint has been made against a Member.( To include adoption of procedure on agenda for September Parish Council meeting).

7.3 Safer Neighbourhood Area Panel meeting dates - next meeting to be held at Downham Market Fire Station on September 3rd 2010 @ 7.00pm.

7.4 A letter has been received from one of the tree surgeons approached regarding maintenance of the trees in the Old Cemetery saying he will retain the price he has quoted for the work suggested until the end of the year. The Parish Council will assess the need for the work and how much money will be available for this in the autumn.

7.5 It was noted there has been difficulties with distribution of the Village Life in Whittington.

8. Planning

Notices of Decisions:

8.4 Change of use of shop and former post office into part of adjoining residential dwelling at Post Office, 28 High Street, Northwold 10/00926/CU

Permission refused

9. Further reports/items for the next agenda

9.1 The Chairman has received complaints about the Cemetery gate being difficult to open. Mr. George offered to look at the gate to see what can be done.

9.2 It was requested that consideration be given to holding a Parish Council meeting in Whittington Church. The possibility of holding one summer meeting in the Church will be discussed at a future Parish Council meeting.

9.3 Social housing will be an agenda item for the September meeting.

Parish Clerk

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