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A letter from Mr Warner

October 2010

Praise for the recent event held in Wretton church

Grange Farm Whittington

September 4, 2010

Dear Sir,

Congratulations to whoever put together that wonderful presentation of words and pictures depicting personalities of recent and not so recent times on display in Wretton Church.

Crouch Dehrydrators along with Whitbread Maltings were the main employers in Whittington at that time.

I remember on one occasion in the early fifties on being shown round Derek Crouch's Auster aircraft by Don Turner (Rodney's father). Don was farm foreman and travelled around the farm in an ex American army jeep.

The pictures in Wretton Church are an excellent reminder of what life was like. There was a veritable army of workers and when grass cutting was in progress there was a steady stream of tractors and trailers going from fields to dryer. Harry Trudgill who lived in Whittington drove one of the fleet of 8 lorries which is shown together with a group of workers in one of the photos.

Whilst writing may I thank everyone who supported Whittington Church annual riverside event and duck race. We were very lucky with the weather and set yet another financial record.


R Warner

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