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The Diary of Emerald Green

September 2010

Emerald offers her teenage philosphy on family and friends

What is classed as family now-a-days, can you really call the group of people that live in the same house as me, a family? There isn't really anything wrong with the way we live but on the other hand, there isn't anything right either.

Firstly, at tea time all of the rooms are occupied except one, the dining room. We all come in the house at different times, and the only time when we do talk to each other, is when we ask what is for tea and/or to pass over the TV remote, to switch over to the news. My mother doesn't work so how is it that when I come home she still manages not to be there?

It is lucky that I have the crew to hang out with, Me, Beth, Holly, Amy, Becky, and Honey. Now I have to admit, I have grown rather attached to Honey and Amy, purely because they are such nice people. It never occurred to me before that these rumours whispered around the school about the "Populars" could be just losers spreading things because they're jealous. That's what Beth said anyway.

Although the other night we were out hanging around the cinema waiting for a movie to start and the girls, they did something, but I don't want to be a "dobber." OK, I'll tell you, Beth had the idea of getting some popcorn before the movie, and then Holly suggested we should get chocolate too, even though she is on a seafood diet (where she eats nothing but seafood, yuck.) Of course Becky pipes up and says that we should "nick em", and "it will be fun." So they did, I say they, but I helped to distract the young lad working at the counter, he said it was his first day. I felt guilty of stealing; however, I took comfort in the fact that it wasn't my idea. The chocolate was yummy though.

Wow if I was with Ruby we would have never done anything like that. That shows how geeky we must have been. I see her sometimes sitting on her own in the dinner hall , sometimes she looks over at me with this sad and lonely expression, nevertheless one of the crew see me looking and we start up a conversation about make-up and what we are going to wear at the next party that, we will definitely, be invited to. Then I watch her walk out and glare back at me, it has become a regular thing, it's becoming easier to ignore.

Old friends I haven't spoken to in ages say that I have changed and that I am no longer a nice person, they say that it is because of the crew that I am who I am now. They are obviously just jealous because I have found my place in life and they haven't.

I think that I am cool now, I even have a date lined up with Jonas, the nicest guy in our year, it's not a big deal though, at one time, and it would have been, but, not now.

I'm going for a run with Beth, she has gotten over the fact that, I am faster at running except she does enjoy being the boss of me, telling me where to run and at what time, and what to wear, I always HAVE to look perfect just in case I see someone I know. I don't think that I mind, she isn't as bad as Ruby was sometimes, and Beth does it all to help me anyway, to maintain my perfect reputation

Write soon x

April Lister

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