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Northwold Parish Council meeting

September 2010

Minutes of the July meeting of Northwold Parish Council



Present: Mrs R Crisp, Mrs V Lynch, Miss A Muir, Mr J Norris, Mr M Peake, Mr M Roberts, Mr M Wells.

4 members of the public

Mr Macro, Chairman of the Sports & Social Club attended the meeting to discuss the draft agreement between Northwold Parish Council and Northwold Sports & Social Club. Both parties feel the agreement can continue as presented with little amendment. It was decided to alter condition No. 10 of the agreement to read "the water rates for the Pavilion and Recreation Ground shall be paid by users, including the Club." Water meters are to be installed so users can be billed separately water consumption.

A break clause will also be added allowing an early end to the agreement.

Mr Macro will report these revisions to the Sports and Social Club Trustees.

1. Apologies for absence

Mrs T Waller, Mrs S Leet, Mr D George

2. No Declarations of Interest made.

3. The minutes of the meeting held on 01/06/10 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters arising from previous meetings

* The grass cutting contractors have been contacted regarding cutting Water Lane, Whittington.

* Norfolk County Council Rights of Way Officer David Mills has been notified regarding the erosion of the footpath by the river in Common Drove.

* Miss Muir was thanked for assisting with registration of land owned by Northwold Parish Council. The Playing Field at Church Lane, Whittington and Northwold Playing Field are now registered with Land Registry.

* Possible training for Councillors is being looked into. Arrangements may be made with neighbouring Parish Councils to keep costs down.

* Due to financial restraints the Parish Council is no longer able to assist with cutting the grass at Whittington Church.

* The Clerk has contacted the tenant of the Chalk Pit to enquire whether he would be willing to repair the fence in lieu of two years rent.

5. Reports

5.1 Chairman's Report

* Concern has been raised regarding litter and empty bottles left on the Playing Field. The Clerk will investigate the cost of providing litter bins and future consideration will be given to the possibility of employing a litter picker.

* The Parish Council has been presented with £20.00 from the Bowls Club. Foolhardy circus paid the money to the Club for the use of the facilities at the Bowls Pavilion when they visited the village. The payment will be deducted from the money owed to the Parish Council by the Bowls Club for water charges.

* To encourage hire it was suggested the vacant Garden Allotment should be spilt into four plots.

* The grass cutting contractors need to be reminded to strim around the play equipment.

* The cost of new nets for the small goal posts at the Playing Field will be investigated.

* It was agreed that the Parish Council would continue to provide prizes for the school Parish Project.

* The fence opposite the old Post Office is leaning and the hedge needs trimming.

5.2 Clerk's Report

* The Clerk has passed all highways matters reported at the previous meeting to the Highway Engineer.

* The tenant of the Constable's Charity land has been informed of the rent increase and will be sent a new tenancy agreement for completion.

* The notice board at Little London is in a poor state of repair.

* Skip hire for removal of chalk in Northwold Cemetery has been quoted at around £180 per lift. The chalk was thought to be left from grave digging but further investigation is needed to establish if this is correct.

* The clerk is to attend the NALC/SLCC Summer Conference on July 13th.

5.3 No further update regarding Manor House.

5.4 Report regarding mapping of the cemetery

The meeting was suspended to allow Mrs Ann Howarth to report on her work to map the cemetery:

Mrs Howarth has now completed work on mapping the cemetery and has updated all Northwold Cemetery records. She has also produced a booklet listing monument inscriptions. A copy will be kept in the Church and with the Clerk. Mrs Howarth's offer to maintain the cemetery records was gratefully accepted. Thanks were expressed to Mrs Howarth and Mr. P Bowers for his assistance with this project.


* Mr Jenkison's offer to repair the allotment garden fence in lieu of rent for 2010 was accepted.

* Concern was raised regarding the number of accidents which have occurred at the Methwold Road cross roads. Requests have previously been made for the speed limit to be lowered along the A134 at the approach to the cross roads. Following another accident this matter will be raised again with Norfolk County Council.

6. The following payments were agreed:

Clerk's salary (May/June) £237.60

Inland Revenue £103.50

MHB - street light maintenance £50.14

CGM - grounds maintenance £290.00

E.on - street light electric £146.98

Land registration £100.00

Village Hall £10.00

Councillors were presented with an updated internal statement of accounts. With payments for June deducted, the Parish Council current account will stand at £14462.27

7. Correspondence

7.1 Norfolk Link

7.2 BCKLWN Licensing Act 2003 Statement of Licensing Policy Review

7.3 BCKLWN Standards Committee agenda and minutes 18/06/10

7.4 King's Lynn festival leaflet

7.5 Norfolk Fire and Rescue Authority Safety Plan 2011/14

7.6 NRCC Signpost magazine and notification of AGM 07/07/10

7.7 NPFA AGM 15/07/10

7.8 BCKLWN Planning Service - Parish Training and Information 10/09/10

8. Planning


(Mr. M Peake took no part in planning discussions)

8.1 Change of use of shop and former Post office into part of adjoining dwelling at Post Office, 28 High Street, Northwold 10/00926/CU


8.2 Expansion to an existing free range unit (Phase 1 10/00786/F and Phase 2 10/00788/F) by construction of new building at Chalkpit Field, Northwold


8.3 Retention of detached dwelling at former Coal Yard, West End, Northwold 10/01091/F


Notices of Decisions:

8.4 Single storey side extension - sunroom at 31 School Lane, Northwold IP26 5LL 10/00566/F

Permission granted

8.5 Extension to dwelling following removal of existing conservatory at Normandy Close, Northwold IP26 5NN 10/00653/F

Permission granted

9. Model Standing Orders and Financial Regulations were adopted.

10. No further reports made.

Post Meeting Notice:

There is allotment land at Northwold for hire. Anyone interested,please contact the Clerk of Northwold Parish Council on 01366 728238 or e-mail northwoldpc@btinternet.com

Parish Clerk

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