River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter to the Editor

September 2010

Cyril is disappointed that his letter was not publishe.

Dear Ray,

I was very disappointed that my reply to Peter Bodle's criticism (contained in Peter's letter in the June issue) was not printed in the current July Village Pump.

My reply was sent to you via email on June 9th. I would be glad if you would check whether you have this, as everything seems in order this end. If you do not have it to hand I will let you have another copy.

I think that it important that both sides are given of the various discussions that take place in the Pump. Unfortunately, when replies to topics are delayed over intervening months, the original topic tends to be forgotten. Also, when replies to criticism are not published, it gives the impression to readers that the person criticised has no answers!

Yours sincerely,

Cyril Marsters.

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