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Letter to the editor 2

September 2010

Peter responds to items in our previous issue.

Dear Ray,

A few items in last month's edition of 'The Pump' gave me cause to think for a while and the following questions and comments were prompted and raised from them. They are asked in page order from that edition.

Page 5 The Readers Letter from Keith touches some very interesting areas, particularly in the areas of supposed scientific 'certainties'. The known world is changing and knowledge is expanding and folks have to realise that mankind's understanding of his status in the scheme of things is very small indeed. I saw recently that an eminent lecturer in Astro-Physics recently qualified his explanation of some of the laws of physics as being 'correct in out part of the Universe'. Wise man.

Page 10 In Richard's informative piece reporting for the West Dereham Heritage Group. In one of the centre paragraphs there is mention of the WWII Searchlight Site. The question is, whether that site was associated with the two Mortar Emplacements on the river bank at Stoke Ferry (Marked Mortar Spigot on Google Earth)?

Page 48 In the Minutes of the Stoke Ferry PC Item 2a, it stated that CC White had intimated to someone that he thought that the fence alongside the footpath at The Moorings was 'in the wrong place'.

I am personally aware that the fence was erected to follow the boundary according to the documents provided to the Stoke Ferry Management Company, as one of the land owners involved, by Land Registry, and I can confirm that it followed the previous line of the hotchpotch mixture of old dividing fence and hedge along the secondary river bank alignment, where it followed the course of the second water course round Winfield's Wharf.. Could we ask from the Parish Council and CC White where they now think it was supposed to be and how the mistakes came to be in the Land Registry documents...if indeed there are any?

Peter Bodle

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