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Wretton Parish Council

August 2010

Minutes of the July meeting of Wretton Parish Council




Cllr D Llewellyn - Chairman, Cllr A Box, Cllr B Glover, Cllr L Peake, Cllr M Peake, Cllr S Briston, Cllr J Wyett.

2 members of the public

Borough Councillor - Mr. C Sampson

1. No Apologies for Absence received.

2. No Declarations of Interest made.

3. The Minutes of the meeting held on 10/05/10 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters Arising

* Complaint was voiced again regarding the overgrown footpath at All Saints Place.

5. Chairman's Report

* Odour from the sewerage system has been noticed again recently. The Chairman will monitor the smell and Claire Hanna at the Borough Council will be notified. Odour has been detected by the Old Dairy, Chequers Lane and members of the public will be asked to log smells. Cllr. Sampson asked to be kept informed.

Clerk's Report

* The grounds maintenance contractors have been asked to cut further areas in Wretton Churchyard and this has now been undertaken.

6. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.

Cheques for approval of payment

MHB Services x2 £32.50

SJ Scarrott (May/June) £112.38

Website domain renewal £6.93

CGM (half yearly payment) £516.12

I.R £42.15

Finance - June 30th

Community Account Balance £3209.62

Business Premium Account (1) £686.03

Business Premium Account (2) £12252.65

Business Reserve Account £3397.82


6.2 Refurbishment of the Church clock

A request has been received for the Parish Council to contribute toward overhaul of Wretton Church clock. A quote has been received for £2912 plus VAT. It was agreed the Parish Council would pay for this work if statutory regulations permit.

The Parish Council is keen to encourage community use of the Church. It is hoped the Diocese will permit proposed internal work to install a toilet and kitchen and to reshape the Church to provide more open space.

6.3 Expansion of the Parish Council website

A quote of £750 has been received to upgrade the Parish Council website. It is felt the website could benefit from a facelift as this may help to enhance communication. More investigation regarding costs of upgrading the website will be undertaken.

6.4 Provision of a dog waste bin

Much discussion took place regarding the provision of a dog waste bin and its location. It was agreed to trial one dog waste bin to be sited at the end of Church Path.

6.5 Allocation of reserve money.

Councillors were asked to put forward suggestions regarding how money held in reserve should be allocated. This matter will be an agenda item again for the September Parish Council meeting.

7. Correspondence

1. NCC Minerals and Waste LDF Core Strategy Consultation

2. Norfolk RCC AGM July 7th

3. NPFA AGM July 15th

4. Norfolk Link etc.

5. NRC C - alternative transport methods www.wherecani getto.org.uk

6. Police revised structure for local delivery and meting dates for the Safer Neighbourhood Area Panels

7. Standard Committee/BCKLWN Council agendas

8. Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service Safety Plan 2011/14

A request from Stoke Ferry Parish Council to share costs of clearing rubbish from Stoke Ferry Common was turned down.

8. Planning

Notice of decision:

Extension to dwelling at 9 Jane Forby Close, Wretton, PE33 9QE 10/00594/F

Permission granted

9. Revised Model Standing Orders were adopted and Financial Regulations reviewed

10. Other reports/items for the next agenda

10.1 The occupier of the house where the hedge is overgrowing the footpath at All Saints Place will be contacted regarding trimming the hedge back. If necessary Freebridge Housing Association will be approached regarding this matter.

10.2 Mr J Wyett offered to strim the Green Lane.

10.3 Parking along Church Road was discussed. Highways have been contacted about this but it is a matter for the Police if vehicles are causing an obstruction. The PCSO's are monitoring the situation and will be asked to attend the next Parish Council meeting. Residents will be asked to park more considerately.

10.4 Mr Wyett offered to place a notice in the teen shelter requesting cans be put in the litter bin provided.


The Parish Council was thanked for its support paying for insurance for the Wretton at War event organised by Wretton Historical organisation, held on Wretton Green on May 23rd. The event raised over £1000.

Parish Clerk

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