River Wissey Lovell Fuller

The Diary of Emerald Green

August 2010

April gives us another peep into the Emerald's diary

Popularity is wanted by all teenage girls, but I'm there and it is pure bliss, I'm floating on cloud 9. They say that it is easy to become popular but harder to stay like it. So far, I've found it quite easy.

Every school day is different yet equally amazing. People open doors for me, they buy me snacks and lunch and break, I'm always picked first for P.E., plus the fact that everyone is envious of me. That's including Ruby, at first I felt bad about leaving her, but then I knew I could include her as well, make her popular too. She has never been a girly girl, but everyone wants to be loved by other people right?

Beth and the crew didn't take to her though, she talked about science and maths too much, and they thought she was a geek. She is, and I used to be as well. Not anymore, it feels good to say that.

Hang on; did you notice I said the crew instead of her crew? I never thought I could fit in with people like them. Mind you, we don't talk about any of the things I like to talk about, well, that I liked to talk about.

It is the summer holidays and I have loads of things planned, sleepovers, and days out shopping. Ruby hasn't asked me to do anything I don't know what to do about her. If she was my real friend she would be happy for me, wouldn't she? Usually by this time I would go running, but as I've been hanging out with Beth I always go running with her. Of course it isn't the same with her, nothing is with them anymore.

Write soon x

April Lister

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