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DRAFT Minutes of Stoke Ferry parish Coucnil

August 2010

Minues of the July meeting of Stoke Ferry Parish Coucnil


Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in The Community Centre

At 7.30pm on Wednesday 14 July 2010

Those Attending: Cllr Mrs T Mann (Chairman), Cllr Mrs S Lansdell-Williams (Vice-chair), Cllr Mrs R Mendoza, Cllr M Precey, Cllr Mrs M Leamon, Cllr Mrs J Markwell, Cllr D Summers, Mrs C Hardy (Clerk), PCSO Sophie Watson and 8 members of the public.

Apologies: Apologies were received from County Councillor T White, Borough Councillor C Sampson and Cllr J Nicholas-Letch

Police Matters:

The chairman welcomed PCSO Watson to the meeting. She informed the meeting that the police had received 13 calls of various incidents since the last meeting. A Councillor had reported a complaint of excessive noise late at night/early morning but no police had attended. The Chairman asked whether it was still the case that the area of 24 villages are only covered by two PCSO's plus a police officer and one sergeant during night time hours, PCSO Watson confirmed this state of affairs. The Chairman reported she is not happy with this situation This number of staff cover three shifts. It was felt a letter of complaint should be sent. PCSO Watson advised calls are graded according to seriousness. There being no further questions or comments the Chairman thanked PCSO Watson for attending.

Minutes of the last Meeting: The Clerk apologised for omitting Borough Councillor C Sampson from the list of those attending. Cllr Precey proposed acceptance, seconded by Cllr Mrs Leamon with the aforementioned amendment.

Matters Arising:

a) Fence/Footpath near The Moorings/The Old Bull - CC White had informed the Clerk that he thought the fence had been erected in the wrong place and that the Enforcement Officer had visited to site some time ago, but nothing further received.

b) Buckenham Drive/Parking - the Chairman had spoken to the new Housing Officer at Freebridge to discuss this matter - she informed the Chairman she would look into it and get back to her. She also confirmed a letter had been forwarded to Freebridge tenants asking them not to park on grassed areas, as they belonged to the Borough Council and they in turn would sue Freebirdge if they were churned up.

c) Footpath School Lane towards Wretton - this appears to have been cut.

d) Limehouse Drove Bridleway at end of School Lane - The footpaths officer had informed the PC that this is recorded as a Restricted Byeway. CC Tony White to be informed.

e) Concrete Posts end of Common near River Bank - no inspection has been made to see if an additional post has been put in place.

f) Potholes - Furlong Road/Drove, Wretton Road, Buckenham Drive - to be chased up.

g) The Cemetery - The Clerk reported that the remaining painting works will be completed shortly.

h) Wretton PC - Sharing Costs for The Common - nothing heard to date - they had not had a meeting since this matter was raised.

i) Wretton PC had queried the possibility of sharing costs for allotments, nothing further can be discussed until land becomes available.

j) Buckenham Drive Footpath - the Borough Council had not responded to any emails sent to them. It was eventually discovered the incorrect department had been contacted it should have been Property Services. It was agreed some one would inspect the footpath in question and report back sometime next week.

k) Post Office School Pick Up Point - an email had been received from the Assistant Headteacher at Methwold School advising children had been spoken to also suggesting the possibility of moving the pick up point to round the corner. It was agreed that the school be requested to write to the parents of children who use this pick up point.

l) New Lights Bradfield Place - a letter had been forwarded to NCC to which a response had been received advising that there would be no expense incurred by NCC for these two additional lights as they should have been installed many years ago when the estate was built. They will be contacting the residents affected by these lights.

m) The Cemetery - the PC would like to thank Bonnett's for carrying out works to make an opening in the chain link fence to make access to the Garden of Remembrance easier. This is much appreciated.

n) Sewerage Drain Buckenham Drive - this has now been repaired by Anglian Water.

Greatmans Way

The Chairman reported that a letter had been received in response to the one forwarded by the PC following the last meeting. She also reported that 60+ letters had been received from residents in Stoke Ferry and surrounding villages advising that they had had access to this right of way by vehicle or on foot for many years. The Chairman suggested that the way forward would be to hold a public open meeting to discuss the problem and how everyone wished the matter to proceed. Representatives of Highways, Borough and County Council Councillors, the Local MP would be invited to attend. The meeting will be arranged, hopefully, for some time in August.

The Cemetery:

At the last meeting a request was made by the public for an area where water containers are made available for visitors to The Cemetery. After discussion it was agreed that a suitable post will be erected just inside the gate for these containers to be kept. They can be collected on arrival and replaced when leaving. Thomas Bonnett have kindly offered to carry out the necessary works for the PC. Everyone was in favour of this.

Village Emergency Plan:

As he was unable to attend, Cllr Nicholas-Letch had forwarded some notes to the Chairman saying that following the meeting held on 1 July he had amended the document which should be available next week. It was agreed this would be discussed in more detail at the next meeting when Cllr Nicholas-Letch could explain the role of Co-ordinator and Deputy Co-ordinator.

Standing Orders:

In the absence of Cllr Nicholas-Letch this matter will be deferred until the next meeting.

Youth Club Project - (Your Council Your Decision):

A brief report had been received from the Committee advising there had been a few changes of committee members. A bank account was in the process of being opened. James Bradfield Primary PTA Committee had donated a sum of money towards the Public Liability Insurance. It was thought the Youth Club will be launched during the middle of October.

The Common - Parking:

An email had been received from the Fisheries Recreation and Biodiversity Technical Officer of the Environment Agency advising they plan to open up angling on a currently non leased section of the Cut Off Channel between Wretton Fen Road Bridge and the River Wissey. They are requesting permission to park on the area of land at the end of School Lane. The Chairman advised this is not our land, we could not agree to this, also there is the old Byelaw which states no motorised vehicle should go onto this land. It was agreed that the Clerk write to Mr Sanders advising him of the request asking him for his views.

Audit Notice:

The Clerk advised the meeting that an Audit Notice had been placed on the Notice Board advising that members of the public could inspect the accounts between 16 June and 28 July.


Supported by Parish

Demolition of existing garage and adjusting parking and turning area in association with construction of new dwelling land at Oxborough Road

Construction of one dwelling following demolition of existing garage and adjusting parking and turning area to serve new dwelling and The Old Brewery land in Oxborough Road

New building to accommodate UV Plant, sampling kiosk and ancillary works at Water Treatment Works School Lane

Rejected by Parish

New Village Hall and 13 social houses. The Chairman informed the meeting that this was rejected because the S106 Agreement had not been included with the application, the Village Hall Committee not completely happy with the layout of the new hall. We are currently waiting to hear from planning, it is thought the application will go to the DCB in August. There is a meeting with the Village Hall Committee, Agents and Builders on Wednesday 21 July at 6.30pm in the Village Hall.

Accounts for Approval

MHB Services Ltd - £131.56 - Lighting Maintenance June/August

CGM - £146.34 - Grounds Maintenance for June

James Bradfield School - £13.14 - Hire of Hall - June

Mrs M Leamon - £21.42 - Refreshments for workers in Cemetery

Mrs C Hardy - £325.01 - Salary and Expenses for June

Thomas B Bonnett - £45.00 - Cementing Dog Bin in Place

E-on - DD - £39.40 - Lighting - June

Statement of Account as at 18 May 2010 - Balance in Bank as at 7 June - Community Account £2741.96, Business Saver Account £14168.41. £4625.00 is allocated for the Youth Club Project.

Cllr Precey proposed approval for payment seconded by Cllr Mrs Mendoza


Norfolk Constabulary advising of changes within the delivery structure

BCKLWN - Advising of a Community Groups Networking Meeting on 29 July at James Bradfield School

Breckland Council - Local Development Framework - Site Specific Policies Consultation

Victim Support - requesting a donation - No

Mr J Cross - thanking the PC for cheque towards internal audit expenses

PCSO Sara Green advising she will be taking over this area from PCSO Clipperton as from 1 July

BCKLWN - Further Parish Training and Information

Email from Ian Burton CGM re grass cutting/strimming in Playing Fields

Councillors Other Business:

Cllr Mrs Mann referred to a recent meeting where apologies had not been received from several councillors. She advised the meeting that apologies must be given to the Clerk also giving a reason for absence. The PC has to approve or not the absence. The Clerk to write to all advising of this.

Cllr Mrs Lansdell-Williams reported hedge in Bridge Road near the Old Bull is overgrowing the footpath - the Clerk to write to owner of land.

Cllr Summers referred to a "School Sign" outside Moulsham House in High Street advising the occupiers reported that the light shines into their bedroom. The Clerk to discuss this with Highways.

Cllr Mrs Mendoza advised that the Police had visited the village on at least two occasions carrying out speed checks, they had apparently caught several speeding vehicles.

Cllrs Mrs Mann reported on the Village Liaison Meeting that had taken place this afternoon:

Representatives from Environmental Health did not turn up again, they are supposed to chair the meetings, they had not acknowledged letter sent following last meeting, they are supposed to give samples of particulates, these are no longer received. It was asked if the PC could write advising the situation is not satisfactory. Cllr Mrs Markwell suggested the letter should be copied to Messrs Harding, Daubney and Sampson.

One complaint regarding dust, but this was on a windy day, no fault could be found.

The condition of the road outside The Hall was raised.

A member of the public was not happy with the minutes being incorporated with the parish council minutes not put in the Pump separately. This will be done in future.

Parking at Village Hall only a problem when big events are taking place

No news on Dukes Head/Millers Arms

Cllr Mrs Mann, on behalf of Stoke Ferry residents, thanked Mrs Reeve for organising the Village Yard Sale on Sunday.

Public Other Business

The planning application for the Water Works should be River Drove not School Lane

What is the lighting specification for any new developments in the village - to investigate

The Cemetery - visibility on exiting the Cemetery onto Furlong Drove is a problem again. The Clerk will contact Highways and ask their advice.

A tree is overhanging the fence of house next to the Kebab Shop - the Clerk to write to occupier

The field next to footpath - Buckenham Drive to Lynn Road needs cutting - the Clerk to contact Vion

Shrubs from property in Fairfield Road overgrowing onto footpath. The Clerk to write to occupier.

No School sign when coming into village along Lynn Road

The Clerk to look into the cost of grit boxes for Buckenham Drive

The Glass Bank seems to get full very quickly - the Clerk to investigate if a larger one can be provided also if there is any financial reward in having one.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.40pm

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 11 August commencing at 7.30pm.

Parish Clerk

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