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Wretton at War

July 2010

Reports and feedback from the very successful Wretton at War event

things have finally calmed down, surplus plants all found a home, materials put away and documents filed away (temporarily) after what turned out to be an excellent sequel to Wretton's All Eras History Fair of 2008. With much less funding, and spanning a much limited period, I didn't believe it could be as good ... but our Chairperson did, and she was right! A scorching day and plenty of advertising drew in an estimated 1000+ people (nearly three times the village population!). We tried to provide something for all, and think we succeeded: Punch & Judy for the kids, dancing and 40s' fashion for the young (and young-at-heart!), and plenty of reminiscing with artefacts, village crafts and activities. Here are some of the comments from a couple of the eventers and the feedback forms

Helaine Wyett

I must express my personal thanks for the great event you put on today. Please pass on my thanks to all of WHO particularly Jackie

You have once again put on a spectacular do and once again put Wretton (the place we all love) on the map!

I look forward to working on future projects with a group of dedicated people who love Wretton as much as I do!

Best Wishes

David Llewellyn

Chairman - Wretton Parish Council

On behalf of West Dereham Heritage Group many, many thanks for inviting us to your Wretton at War day on Sunday. We all enjoyed ourselves very much in such glorious weather with several of our members arriving in period dress. You Ladies all looked so glamorous, eye candy for the guys.

We had a good day with many enquiries and also added new information to the Village history.

It was a well planned and organised event and certainly appreciated by all we spoke too in particular the 1940s style singers, very authentic with great stamina on such a warm day.

Thank you and your Committee once again, we will hope to participate in any future events.

With all good wishes,

The Chairman and members of West Dereham Heritage Group.

Richard C. French.

Dear Ray,

I am sure I am not the only Pump reader who would like to congratulate our very own Wretton Historical Organisation for the brilliant Wretton at War show last month. The event was blessed with wonderful weather, so that we were feeling sorry for the Home Guardsmen in their heavy uniforms. There is nothing like music to bring a show to life and the GI band gave a super soundtrack to the demonstrations of 1940's dancing styles. This sort of event in a simple country village affords an opportunity for the generations to share in an enjoyable social gathering, strengthening the cohesion of our community. Having arrived in Wretton ten years ago, almost by accident, we have landed on our feet to discover a pleasantly peaceful environment and a clutch of lovely neighbours. So well done to all the organisers in WHO--- your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Yours happily

Cliff and Doreen Gardner


To those who were lucky enough to attend our rather splendid Wretton at War event CONGRATULATIONS! For those who missed it BAD LUCK.

Let me set the scene: Weather - bright, temperature rising. Bunting blowing. Punch and Judy man arrives. (Hoping he resembles Mr Punch, he doesn't) Timescape arrives, dancers and military vehicles draw up, heart beat increases somewhat.

Land army ladies. G.I's ,Victory Rolls {hairstyles} ice creams, ale and Kate Rabett demurely dressed reciting the winning poem.

I could go on !

The splendid commemorative ale produced by Wissey Valley {available from Hop and Hog}

But more importantly to the good folk of Wretton and beyond for their support. A large thank you to the Heritage Lottery Fund for providing the funds enabling Wretton at War to take place church.

We are a very small history group comprising of four members. The work load is huge, but seeing happy faces makes it all worthwhile.

Jackie Pardoe

Chairperson W.H.O


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