River Wissey Lovell Fuller

The Diary of Emerald Green

July 2010

Emerals tells of further strife with her arch enemy

Isn't it funny how nobody looks the same? You can walk around in a place and never see anyone that looks exactly identical, unless there're twins, but even then, they still look a bit different.

I've never really thought about my image before, that was, until I was invited to Beth's party! She came over and asked me, just randomly asked me. I wasn't sure what to think of this unexpected invitation, especially as it's from my worst enemy. After last time, I shouldn't trust her, but I really believed it, as she had been being friendly to me all day, and a joke made twice isn't really funny.

It has been a while since that falling incident; thankfully new things have happened since then for people to laugh about.

Her party was on the Saturday and I hadn't brought anything new to wear, just my old jeans and a brown top. As you can probably predict I'm not into fashion, I buy things for comfort. I mean, who wants to wear a short skirt that makes your legs cold and that you can barely walk in, just because it looks nice? It's stupid. I say all of this now but, when I go to Beth's house on that Saturday night, on my own because Ruby wasn't invited; I see that I really do not fit in. What did i expect? These were all popular people surrounding me. Beth was there and she answered the door when I knocked. She greeted me with a hug and then looked down to see what I was wearing; she didn't look pleased with what she saw.

After that Beth took me upstairs with her friend Amy and they gave me a "makeover". At the time I was in love with what I was wearing, a pink strappy top, black leggings and little black pumps a pink necklace and cheap looking pink bracelets. Really, not my style, but at least I fitted in then; I hung out with Beth and her "crew" all night. I started to feel like part of the crew in fact, they introduced me to dozens of people I had never talked to before, and with her I didn't feel shy. We were dancing a lot of the night, but when we finally sat down, it was when things started to go wrong.

There was a girl that I recognised from the year bellow and she was I have to say, a geek. What started as whispers and laughing turned into, the girl hanging from a high oak tree by her freakishly long hair. I was watching and laughing but I really wasn't happy with the situation. The poor girl, Beth told me that was the only reason they invited the girl to the party, to pick on her. She must have felt she was finally being accepted, like me. Then I began to doubt if I really wanted to be friends with these types of people. However, I knew how bad this was, yet I could not bring myself to say anything to them about it. So I didn't, although I did untie the girl's hair from the tree when everyone went off the dance again. She told me that she was scared of heights.

I still feel incredible bad for what happened, but I've told myself it's a one off. If I fall out with Beth and her "crew" she may become my enemy again. Who wants one more enemy when you can have one more friend?

Write Soon x

April Lister

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