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Stoke Ferry Parish Council meeting Minutes

July 2010

Minutes of the June meeting of Stoke Ferry PC


Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in The Community Centre

At 7.30pm on Wednesday 9 June 2010

Those Attending: Cllr Mrs T Mann (Chairman), Cllr Mrs S Lansdell-Williams (Vice-chair), Cllr Mrs R Mendoza, Cllr M Precey, Cllr Mrs M Leamon, Cllr Mrs J Markwell, Cllr D Summers, Mrs C Hardy (Clerk) and 14 members of the public.

Apologies: Apologies were received from County Councillor T White and the Police

Minutes of the last Meeting: Councillor Mrs Leamon proposed acceptance, seconded by Cllr Mrs Markwell

Matters Arising:

a) Fence/Footpath near The Moorings/The Old Bull - this matter has been referred to CC White but to date no response has been received from him.

b) Buckenham Drive - BC Sampson advised the meeting nothing further to report at the moment, the BC say it is the problem of Freebridge, possibly something may be done eventually. Cllr Mrs Leamon advised the meeting that Freebridge tenants had received letters to say if they parked on grassed areas they faced the possibility of eviction. BC Sampson said that changed matters considerably.

c) Footpath School Lane towards Wretton - it was reported that this has become overgrown again and almost impassable. The Clerk to chase up Highways

d) Dog Fouling Wretton Road - At long last the Dog Waste Bin has been put in place on the grassed area at the junction of Wretton Road and Buckenham Drive. It is hoped that it will be used.

e) Limehouse Drove Bridleway at end of School Lane - CC White was asked for his advice on this matter but to date no response has been received.

f) Footpaths - The Footpaths Officer has informed the Clerk that the addition of these footpaths is desirable in the long term but has advised that as they are currently walked it is not a matter or urgency. He will contact Anglian Water and the Environment Agency in due course.

g) Concrete Posts end of Common near River Bank - the Environment Agency has advised that it will put a further concrete post in to prevent cars getting on to the river bank. The Chairman asked everyone to be vigilant and if they see cars approaching the river bank to report them to either the police or the parish council.

h) Potholes - Furlong Road/Drove, Wretton Road, Buckenham Drive - to be monitored

i) The Cemetery - The Chairman reported that the current works are almost complete, just some painting left to do. No more materials will be ordered. Further works may be considered for the next financial year ie 2011/2012.

j) Parish Council Insurance - a new insurance company had been found with a quote of £100 less. This was accepted and the Clerk had received all paperwork today.

k) Wretton PC - Sharing Costs for The Common - to date the Clerk has not received a response from Wretton PC - she will chase this again.

l) Buckenham Drive Footpath - the Clerk had asked BC Sampson if he could chase up the matter as no response had been received from the BC to a letter and two emails. BC Sampson informed the meeting that the relevant department would be inspecting the footpath and report back, hopefully a response will be received by next Monday.

m) Ragwort - The Clerk informed the meeting that Natural England had advised that unless this is spreading to a great extent there was not too much of a problem. If there is a problem they need to know exactly where it is and who owns the land. It was advised that anyone concerned about this should contact Natural England direct on 0300 060 1114.

n) Allotments - There is not much more that can be done until a decision is made regarding all the land put forward to the LDF scheme. This matter will be discussed again once decisions have been made.

o) Litter Pick The Common - The Chairman thanked everyone who turned up to help on the day, all the rubbish was cleared. Thanks were also given to Thomas Bonnett for the loan of a trailer and the Clean-Up Department for providing all the gear required.

p) The Cemetery - lying grass following cutting appears to have improved, will be monitored.

q) Drain Wretton Road - on Highways list of jobs to be carried out

r) Post Office School Pick Up Point - A letter was sent to Methwold School regarding the children playing football on this dangerous corner - no response received. It was reported that this very morning a lorry was forced to brake suddenly because of this activity. Methwold School to be contacted again.

s) Horse Riders in Playing Fields - the situation will be monitored.

Greatman's Way

The Chairman reported that a meeting had been held with the owners on 18 May various points were discussed, the dogs are now being kept in a trailer, the sheep are on the footpath. A letter will be forwarded to the owners confirming the meeting, setting out points which the PC would like taken on board. The draft letter which had been submitted to parish councillors was approved and will now be sent. A request was made of the Footpaths Officer for two full sized Public Footpath signs for each end of said footpath (not the little round ones). This to be chased up. To keep the area as a right of way for horse riders, bicycles, motorised vehicles etc evidence needs to be collected. If enough members of the public write to the PC stating that this had been a public right of way - then it will be looked into.

Internal Audit:

The Clerk informed the meeting that the Internal Auditor had inspected the accounts for the last financial year. He reported everything was in order, he made the following comments. No problems all records very well presented. Clerks salary review should be recorded in the Minutes. Better end of year balance now. PC need to obtain a letter from the Tax Office indicating the Clerks Tax is being dealt with correctly.

Local Development Framework:

Councillors were provided with a map showing all the areas of land in Stoke Ferry which had been put forward into the LDF Scheme. As reported before any decisions are not likely before at least September.

Standing Orders:

In the absence of Cllr Nicholas-Letch this matter will be deferred until the next meeting.

Freedom of Information Document:

The Clerk had supplied all councillors with a copy of the updated Freedom of Information Document for their perusal. No one had any comments or amendments to make.

Village Emergency Plan:

Cllr Nicholas-Letch had delivered a preliminary document to the Clerk this morning but it was too late to copy round. He did advise that Mr Kevin Kent from the BCKLWN would be willing to attend a meeting to explain the Emergency Plan suggesting two dates he was available, 30 June or 1 July. It was agreed that a Public Open Meeting would take place - the Clerk to see which day she could book the Community Room.

Youth Club Project - (Your Council Your Decision):

Following the last meeting the Clerk had advised the Youth Club Committee that they could not use any of the grant money towards Public Liability Insurance, First Aid Training or CRB checks as these items were not on the application form. Also the PC could advance money to them once they have a bank account. Cllr Mrs Leamon advised the meeting that the Committee has not yet opened a bank account. An email had been received from NALC asking for a progress report. It was agreed that as Cllr Nicholas-Letch was the parish councillor involved in this project perhaps he could talk to the Youth Club Committee to help get this matter sorted out. When more information is to hand the Clerk will respond to NALC.

Parish Councillor Vacancy:

The Clerk informed the meeting that no Election had been called for it was therefore up to the PC to fill this vacancy by co-option as soon as possible.


Approved by the Borough

Erection of 12 affordable dwellings with associated parking and landscaping at land east of Manor Road

Extension to dwelling at Mura Boughton Road

Covered walkway between house and garage at Woodlands Lynn Road

New Application

Construction of 13 social houses including new Village Hall and 25 parking spaces, new access at land Furlong Road

Received after Publication of Agenda

Extension to bungalow at Holmdene Furlong Road

The Planning Working Party held a meeting on Monday 7 June to consider the application for the new village hall and 13 social houses. There were several points which caused concern on this application, it was therefore felt an extension of time should be asked for and a meeting with the Village Hall Committee should take place. This meeting will be on Wednesday 17 June at 7.00pm in the Village Hall. An extension of time to 22 June has been agreed by the Planning Department.

Accounts for Approval

Broker Network Ltd - £545.12 - Annual Insurance Premium

MHB Services Ltd - £65.78 - Lighting Maintenance May/June

CGM - £146.34 - Grounds Maintenance for May

James Bradfield School - £39.18 - Hire of Hall - March, April, May

Mrs C Hardy - £298.47 - Salary and Expenses for May

Mr J Cross - £15.00 - Internal Audit Expenses

E-on - DD - £39.40 - Lighting - May

Statement of Account as at 15 April 2010 - Balance in Bank as at 10 May - Community Account £3857.57, Business Saver Account £14167.28.

Cllr Mrs Mendoza proposed approval for payment seconded by Cllr Precey


Mrs D Robinson - Informing the PC of a bad fall which took place along Lynn Road opposite The Blue Bell - the letter to be forwarded to Highways.

Email from Wretton PC querying whether provision of allotments could be a joint venture

Norfolk Accident Rescue Service requesting a donation - not agreed

Phone Call from Emerson & Sons querying charges made for memorial(s). Agreed the charge to remain as stated.

Phone Call from Mr Duncan relating to a new lamp post being erected outside his house - Cllr Precey to look into this.

Environment Agency - at long last a response relating to the fire at Stockinger Yard last year - advising no specific problems on the site.

Councillors Other Business:

Cllr Mrs Lansdell-Williams - Had been in contact with a Debbie Salmon at Little Oaks who had informed her that they do get some Government Funding for the 3yr olds to cover salaries etc . They do fund raising for equipment they need. It was agreed the matter will be reviewed towards the end of the year before the budget is prepared.

Cllr Mrs Lansdell-Williams - a big thank you to the Chairman for all her hard work during the past year and also very glad she agreed to be Chairman again.

Cllr Mrs Mann referred to cars parking to close to the entrance/exit of Vion's premises in Lynn Road when attending the Village Hall. Cllr Mendoza to raise the matter with the police at the SNAP meeting in July asking for advice.

Cllr Mrs Mendoza - the last LAG meeting has been held the meetings will now be known as SNAP, the first one being held on Friday 2 July at Downham Fire Station at 7.00pm which is open to members of the public.

Cllr Mrs Mendoza reported on the last School Governors Meeting - the OFSTED report is still awaited, a SIAS Inspection is to be held on Monday. There are several dates in the calendar which residents are invited to attend - 23 June at 10.00am Bishop David will be blessing the new classroom, 1 July Sports Day, 14 July BBQ at 12 noon, 23 July Church Service at Wretton at 10.00am.

Public Other Business

What type of lights will be used for the new ones in Fairfield Road - all new lighting is to an agreed standard.

Village Hall Parking Spaces - if not sufficient where will cars be parked

Cllr Sampson asked if anyone is putting in a team for the Inter-Village Games - we will get in touch

The Cemetery - is it possible to provide a water container for visitors to use. It was agreed that hooks will be provided on the newly erected fence sufficient to hold cut off milk bottles. Appropriate notices will be supplied.

The Cemetery - The chain fence around the Garden of Remembrance can be dangerous when visitors have to climb over it. It was agreed that arrangements will be made to leave a gap for access.

Greatman's Way - a report the footpath has been blocked further by a red van and ladder tied on boxes

The roadway in GMW is beginning to collapse

Footpath from School Lane to Wretton is overgrown again - to be reported

Sewerage Drain outside 4 Buckenham Drive is overflowing - to be reported to Anglian Water

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30pm

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 14 July commencing at 7.30pm.

Parish Clerk

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