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July 2010



Present: Mrs Claire Cann - Chairman, Mrs Doreen Berry, Mr. Russell Drew, Mr Barry Glover, Mrs Ruth Marsters, Mr. Paddy Murfitt, Ms Alison Richardson.

Mr T Manley (Borough Councillor) 7 members of the public

Mr Jon Miles, Mr Simon Miles and Mr Nigel Manning attended before the meeting to report on happenings at Glazewing. The Glazewing monthly report was distributed and Mr Manning gave a verbal update on matters listed.

* Glazewing is proud of the current recycling rate of 90% which is a good environmental achievement as it impacts on carbon dioxide emissions.

* Two planning applications which Glazewing submitted a year ago are still being considered by Norfolk County Council.

* It was reported that three complaints regarding vehicles travelling to the Glazewing site have been made in the past month. If details of vehicles are supplied Glazewing will speak to the staff involved to remind them to be good neighbours. Induction of new staff has included instructions that vehicles should not be driven above 20mph through the village and this will be reiterated.

* Glazewing can only request that customers use the recommended route into the village, this cannot be enforced.

* Pot holes along Station Road are regularly reported to Highways.

* In association with the Police, Glazewing checks customers who bring scrap to the site. Identification checks are made and this should stop undesirable characters visiting the site.

The Chairman stated that while Glazewing may be proud of its recycling record as a company, the business overall has a deeply negative impact on the village of West Dereham in terms of enormous lorries waking residents in the early hours, scrap debris scattered on the roads and speeding vehicles. Glazewing customers also continue to use all routes into the village. The Chairman has phoned Glazewing immediately vehicles have been seen using Lime Kiln Road but her calls are taken by answerphone, therefore it is unlikely the drivers concerned have been identified. The Chairman feels West Dereham pays a high price for having Glazewing located in the village. Traffic is increasing but nothing is being done about the impact this has on the village. The village as a whole does not benefit from Glazewing and the business continues to cause problems which are not being addressed

It was stated that not all the complaints made to Glazewing have been logged. Residents at the meeting complained that they are being woken by early morning traffic. There were three complaints that residents have suffered punctures through nails being dropped along the road and that tyres are again being left on the roadside. Glazewing will undertake sampling of data to determine when vehicles travel along Station Road. Residents felt employees of Glazewing travel too fast on their way to and from work.

A black truck has again been reported as being driven dangerously through the village. The Chairman emphasised that this is a police matter and needs to be reported to them immediately.

Glazewing Directors said that there is no movement with the provision of a new access road to the Glazewing site. There has been an increase in traffic to the site recently but over the past two years Glazewing claim there has been a significant drop in vehicle movement to and from the site. Mr Jon Miles said that with their present experience of planning matters the company directors have no confidence in the Borough or County Council and that they have no desire to procure land at this time if planning permission would not be forthcoming for a new road. Until Glazewings present planning applications have been determined other applications cannot be made. This is hampering what the company can achieve. If storage of the skips along the riverside is regularised the area can be better maintained. At present the company claims to be working under "grandfather's rights". Residents feel the skips are unsightly and need masking.

In summary Mr B Glover said that he felt the skips by the river are not seen and Ms Richardson stated the everyone needs to work together as we all have waste that needs to be dealt with.

Mr Miles repeated that complaints made to Glazewing will be acted on. A note will be issued to all drivers and Norfolk County Council will be chased regarding the planning applications. When asked Mr Miles replied that Glazewing is committed to reducing the environmental impact of the business and he would like to see a new access road. Landowners have been approached in attempt to procure land for a new road but this has been unsuccessful so far and there is no progress on an access road at the moment. The Chairman reminded the Glazewing Directors that they had made an undertaking at their meeting with members of the Parish Council in July 2009 that any increase in the size of the business would not take place at the West Dereham site.

1.No apologies for absence received.

2. No Declarations of Interest made.

It was noted that Mr R Drew and Mr B Glover are trustees of the Lovell's Dole Charity.

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 05/05/10 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters arising from previous meetings:

4.1 Tender document for land at the Allotments.

Some discussion took place regarding the entitlements associated with the land at the Allotments. It was reported that the entitlements would be paid to the present tenant. Further information will be sought as to who can claim the entitlements on the land.

The land has been advertised in "The Pump" as available for let and it was agreed to place an advertisement in the King's Lynn News also (up to a cost of £100). The land will be actively marketed and a mailing list has been drawn up.

It was agreed (with one abstention) that the Parish Council will reserve the right to let the land at the Allotments to either parishioners or those outside the village. The land will be let in the best interests of the village at the time.

4.2 Maintenance of the bus shelter

After the Parish Council meeting, Councillors would inspect the bus shelter and draw up a specification of work needed. Quotes for the work will then be sought.

4.3 Sponsorship of the Parish Council website

An advert will be placed in "The Pump" regarding the availability of advertising space on the Parish Council website. Marketing of local businesses will also be undertaken.

5. Reports:

5.1 Chairman's Report:

a) The Parish Council has written to Norfolk County Council regarding the re-assessment of mineral extraction sites. MIN 114 in West Dereham had previously been deemed unsuitable for development because of landscape screening implications and because Norfolk already has a full quota of clay deposits identified. However, this site is now to be re-assessed along with all other sites in the County. The Norfolk Minerals and Waste Development Framework: Core Strategy Document sets out the overall planning policy for minerals and waste development in the County. It has now reached the Pre-Submission stage and representations are invited from May 28th to July 23rd 2010. The Chairman will compile a report of the Core Strategy Document and consideration of the document will be an agenda item for the July Parish Council meeting.

b) The Parish Council requested a definition of "inert waste" from Norfolk County Council. The following response has been received:

Waste is considered inert if:

1. It does not undergo any significant physical, chemical or biological transformations;

2. It does not dissolve, burn or otherwise physically or chemically react, biodegrade or adversely affect other matter with which it comes into contact in a way likely to give rise to environmental pollution or harm to human health; and

3. Its total leachability and pollutant content and then ecotoxicity of its leachate are insignificant and, in particular, do not endanger the quality of any surface water or groundwater.

c) Maps showing development sites submitted for consideration in the emerging Local Development Framework are displayed at West Dereham Village Hall. The Borough Council does not want the Parish Council to publish these maps on the Parish Council website. Therefore, it was agreed that the monthly household leaflet drop would inform residents that the submitted development sites can be viewed at the village hall.

d) Police surgeries had been arranged to be held in West Dereham Village Hall and dates were advertised. Unfortunately only one surgery has taken place. The Chairman has spoken to PCSO Sara Clipperton about this and a letter will be sent to the Police making representations that it is not acceptable to cancel surgeries at short notice.

5.2 Clerk's Report

The Clerk has made enquiries to establish whether there would be any benefit for the Parish Council to change bankers. This matter will be revisited in four months time.

5.3 Village Hall Report (Ruth Marsters)

The Village Hall Management Committee is presently interviewing builders regarding the work to be undertaken at the Village Hall. Grants are being applied for and redevelopment of the hall is hopefully moving forward.

6. Accounts

The following payments were agreed in accordance with the budget:

Clerk's salary (May) £193.96

Country Grounds Maintenance £116.82

Vision ICT £135.13

E.on £38.88

Pearce & Kemp £135.54

West Dereham Village Hall £30.00

6.1 Discussion took place regarding reseeding or returfing the area around the goal mouth at West Dereham Playing Field. The Parish Council had previously decided not to raise the height of the goals. Mr and Mrs Cann agreed to provide topsoil to level the ground around the goal mouth and to grass seed this area.

7. Correspondence

7.1 West Norfolk Sports Council Annual Meeting

7.2 Donation request from Norfolk Accident Rescue Service

7.3 The Playing Field Newsletter

8. Planning

No planning applications received for consideration.

9. Review of Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

Financial Regulations remain unchanged but Revised Model Standing Orders have been issued. The Parish Council considered the complete Model Standing Orders document and the amended document will be confirmed at the July Parish Council meeting.

10. It was agreed to nominate Pauline Farnham as a trustee of the Lovell's Dole Charity.

11. No further reports were given.


1. It was reported that the Church will be out of use until restoration work is completed in August.

2. A request was made to approach Highways to see if a central white line can be painted at the end of Lime Kiln Road where the road meets Church Road.

3. The residents of 5 Lime Kiln Road would like the ditch outside their property to be kept clear. Highways will be approached about this.

Parish Clerk

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